Consolation Bracket

Holyfield v. Holmes

Tunney v. Marciano

Bowe v. Dempsey

Johnson v. Klitschko



Evander Holyfield vs. Larry Holmes
Holyfield lost to Vitali Klitschko in the 1st round match3-0
Holmes lost to George Foreman in  the 1st round match 2-1 Larry Holmes Photo
Evander Holyfield        vs.          Larry Holmes
 1990-92, 1993-94                          1980-85
       6’2”, 210                                       6’3”, 212

Fight Advantages:
Hand Speed-No Advantage, Boxing Ability-Holmes, KO Power-No Advantage, Chin- No Advantage, Size-No Advantage, Defense-No Advantage, Endurance-No Advantage, Adaptability-No Advantage, Foot Speed- No Advantage, Strength-No Advantage, Jab-Holmes, Cuts-No Advantage, Reach-Holy(78) and Holmes(80) No Advantage, Body Attack-Holyfield
Total: Holmes 2-1-11

By Moontan, Boxing Expert
After viewing a great deal of material I have to agree with the general population on this fight. Holmes has the better jab and I would have to give him the advantage in a great fight because both fighters have the heart of a lion. I have little doubt that the fight would go the limit because neither fighter would be able to stop the other. I think both fighters would be hurt during the fight but each had great recovery power. Holmes by split-decision over 12 rounds.

By Mark Elf, Dallas Radio and Boxing Historian
I feel in their prime, the Holmes/Holyfield fight could have been a trilogy. This fight could become Ali/Norton or Ali/Frazier like. Holmes jab and boxing prowess would allow him to build up points and Larry was pretty good at holding when needed. Evander could keep punching and coming. He was a better boxer than most thought but eventually would fall back into brawl mode. Give me Evander by split decision. Where Holmes and Norton put on a terrific fight and Larry came out ahead, similar fight between Holyfield and Holmes but Evander wins it by a split decision.

By Paul Gallender, Writer and Boxing Historian
Excellent match-up of two very good fighters. Looking at the competition they faced, I believe Holyfield's opponents were a lot more formidable than those fought by Holmes. Larry had good size and an excellent jab, both of which enabled him to avoid taking too many telling punches from almost everybody he fought. He didn't punch all that hard and he could be hurt. Holyfield impressed me early in his career as a very polished boxer who took on name fighters - even if they were cruiserweights - soon after he turned pro. Had he been a puncher as well, he might have been remembered as a top 5 heavyweight. As it is, both boxers could stake a claim to being a legitimate top 10 heavyweight. I would anticipate a close, action-filled match for the first 10 rounds. However, I think Holmes would begin to tire in the later rounds and would be looking for a way to go the distance. I just don't think he would have hurt Holyfield. Evander,'s punches, on the other hand, would probably have been just as fresh in the later rounds as they would have been early in the fight. I see Holyfield either stopping Holmes in the last couple of rounds on a TKO or winning a unanimous decision.

Experts Predicted Outcome: Holyfield winner 2-1
Moontan                             Holmes 12-D split Decision
Mark Elf                               Holyfield 12-D split Decision
Gallender                            Holyfield 12-D

Holyfield advances to the semi-finals in the consolation bracket

Gene Tunney vs. Rocky Marciano

Tunney lost to Mike Tyson in the first round match 2-0
Marciano lost to Sonny Liston in the first round match 2-0
Gene Tunney        vs.        Rocky Marciano
    1926-1928                         1952-1956
      6’1”, 189                        5’10”, 182

Fight Advantages
Hand Speed-Tunney, Boxing Ability-Tunney, KO Power-Marciano, Chin-No Advantage, Size-No Advantage, Defense-Tunney,  Endurance-No Advantage, Adaptability-Tunney, Foot speed-Tunney, Strength-Marciano, Jab-Tunney, Cuts-Tunney, Reach-Tunney, Body Attack-Marciano:
Total: Tunney 8-3-3

Mark Elf, Radio sportscaster and Boxing Historian
Tunney and Marciano would be fun to watch. Tunney was slicker than most people thought. Better boxer and would use his deceptive hand speed to beat guys to the punch. All that being said, I think Rocky packed a hell of a punch and would have to take several round to get into position to put Tunney away. Eventually he would get to Tunney and win by TKO in the 7th or 8th round.

Moontan, Boxing Expert
Tunney had a long career and only faced defeat once to Harry Greb, one of the greatest fighters of all time. In the re-matches Tunney got his revenge. Greb was one of the dirties fighters in the history of the ring and Tunney was not ready for this type of fight in their first meeting but adjusted in the re-matches. Marciano had a very similar system of fighting to that of Jack Dempsey. They both fought out of a crouch and constantly stayed low putting pressure on the opponent. Dempsey was much faster than Marciano and took a much better punch than Marciano. He lost 19 of the 20 rounds he fought against Tunney in their two fights.
Marciano fought Jersey Joe Walcott in 1952 for the Heavyweight title and Walcott was a mover and boxer just like Tunney.  Ezzard Charles had Marciano in serious trouble in their 1954 fight which Charles lost in a very close decision. Both Walcott and Tunney were quick with lightning reflexes and tremendously skilled boxers. Walcott had the fight against Marciano won till he went for the knockout in the 13th round after getting overconfident. Marciano knocked him out in the 13th round.  Walcott was well ahead on all cards at the time of the knockout.
I think Tunney would have been too smart to trade punches with Marciano and wins a 15 round decision.

Paul Gallender, Writer and Boxing Historian
This is an interesting match. Tunney figures to keep Marciano off balance for most of the fight, having enough size, skill and movement to make it difficult for Rocky to mount a sustained attack. However, Gene is not a very hard hitter and Marciano was one of the hardest trainers and best conditioned heavyweights ever. Given Rocky's small stature and reach, he absolutely had to be relentless to stay competitive against bigger opponents. I would anticipate Marciano taking quite a beating to the head but, over the course of 15 rounds, he would ultimately begin to wear down Tunney and get him to fight at least the last half of the bout on his terms. I'm inclined to think Rocky would win a close decision over Gene.

Experts Predicted Outcome: Marciano winner 2-1
Moontan                             Tunney 15-D
Paul Galender                   Marciano 15-D
Mark Elf                               Marciano 15-D Split Decision

Marciano moves on to the semi-finals in consolation bracket

Riddick Bowe vs Jack Dempsey 

Bowe lost to Muhammad Ali 3-0 in the first round match
Dempsey lost to Joe Louis 2-0-1 in the first round match
            Riddick Bowe                     Jack Dempsey
             1992-1993                             1919-1926
               6’5”, 235                             6’1”, 189
Fight Advantages
Hand Speed-No Advantage, Boxing Ability-Bowe, KO Power-Dempsey, Chin-No Advantage, Size-Bowe, Defense-No Advantage, Endurance-Dempsey, Adaptability-Bowe, Foot speed-Dempsey, Strength-Bowe, Jab-Bowe, Cuts-No Advantage, Reach-Bowe, Body Attack-Dempsey:
Total: Bowe 6-4-4


Moontan -Heavyweight Actions boxing Expert:
Riddick Bowe had a very short career against limited opponents. He never faced Tyson or Lewis who were the best heavyweights of his era. He avoided almost everybody except Evander Holyfield. His fights against Holyfield were some of the best fights of the decade and some of the best of all-time. Bowe took two of three from Holyfield in his prime which really says a lot. It is definitely no given that he would have lost to Tyson or Lewis. In his prime he could fight on the inside as well as any big man in history and took a better punch than either Tyson or Lewis. In his prime he was 6’5” and weighed 235 pounds with an 81” reach. The problem with Bowe is he seldom fought in top condition and was a very lazy fighter. He had a great deal of potential that was never achieved.
Dempsey was one of the most popular fighters of all time and loved by a generation of boxing fans. He is sacred in boxing history like Michael Jordon to basketball and Pele to soccer. But the honest truth was he was a man of his times. He was exciting, good looking and one hell of a fighter. A fact is he was greatly overrated and went long periods without fighting during his title reign. Willard was slow and awkward almost like a human punching bag and Firpo was just plan horrible. That will never diminish the fact that Jack Dempsey was legendary and will always be a boxing god who took the sport to the heights it would eventually achieve in the second half of the 20th century. But at 6’1”, 189 pounds Dempsey had no chance against Bowe. Giving up 45 pounds and four inches in height would be way too much. Bowe was not Fred Fulton or Jess Willard.
Dempsey took a tremendous punch and would have been very hard for Bowe to put away. Dempsey’s first round knockout loss at the hands of Fireman Jim Flynn was a fixed fight so it was not relevant to his ability to take a punch. Dempsey would take a tremendous beating against the bigger opponent and extend Bowe, who was not what I would call a well-conditioned athlete. By the 10th round Bowe size, speed, and weight are too much for the Manassa Mauler. They stop the fight with Bowe the winner.

Paul Gallender, Writer and Boxing Historian
Dempsey was a little heavyweight. Yes, he could punch and he did have a 76 inch reach but he was very easy to hit. Also, the boxing techniques back when he fought had not yet been refined. People tend to describe Dempsey, and Marciano for that matter, with an almost supernatural punching power. As far as I'm concerned, neither one of them was a very good boxer and would have been no match for the heavyweights of the last 50 years. Against Bowe, Dempsey would have been a prohibitive underdog. As for Bowe, if you look at his record, apart from Holyfield his opposition was not that impressive. He fought some big names but Evander was the only opponent who could make a case for being a top 10 heavyweight. (And yes, he did beat Holyfield twice.) So, if Bowe were to have fought Dempsey, I can see Jack landing some telling blows, but not enough of them to win the fight. I see Riddick win by KO or TKO in five or six rounds.

Experts Predicted Outcome: Bowe winner 2-0
Moontan                             Bowe                    10 - KO
Paul Galender                   Bowe                      6- KO

Riddick Bowe advances to the next round, consolation Semi-finals

Jack Johnson vs Wladimir Klitschko
Johnson lost to Joe Frazier in the first round match 2-1
Wladimir lost to Lennox Lewis in the first round match 2-1
Jack Johnson              Wladimir Klitschko
   1908-1915                       2009-2014
    6’1”,200                         6’6”, 245

Fight Advantages
Hand Speed-No Advantage, KO Power-Klitschko, Chin-J.Johnson, Size-Klitschko, Defense-No Advantage, Endurance-No Advantage, Adaptability-J.Johnson, Foot speed-J.Johnson, Strength, Klitschko, Jab-Klitschko, Cuts-No Advantage, Reach-Klitschko, Body Attack-J.Johnson:
Total: Klitschko 5-4-4

Moontan-Boxing Expert Heavyweight Action:
Jack Johnson was the best fighter of the first half of the 20th century. Louis and Tunney would be his only real rivals for that honor. He was a physical freak and a defensive genius. But he only fought great white hopes after he gained the title and his list of quality opponents is limited. Fighting Wladimir he would be facing one of the best fighters in his who had very few weaknesses in the last part of his unbelievable career. Both fighters were very conservative in their approach to fights. Klitschko’s jab would be far to difficult for Johnson to overcome. Johnson’s counter punching would keep him competitive for the early rounds but by round 8 Klitschko goes for the knockout. At 6’6”, 245 pounds his size and speed and skill is too much for the 6’1”, 200 pound Johnson.

Paul Gallender, Writer and Boxing Historian:
I'm afraid this would have been a very boring fight. Klitschko's size would have been a problem for Johnson and that's not because of his showing against Willard. I believe Johnson when he says he threw that fight. Even at 37, Jack would have made mincemeat out of Jess if the fight were on the up-and-up. Still, Johnson would have give Wladimir a lot to think about in the ring, and it's not good to do too much thinking in the ring. Johnson would have respected the Russian's size and power, even though I don't feel Klitschko was what you would call a puncher. Johnson may well have hit harder than Wladimir. There may have been a knockdown or two in this fight but if both were in condition, I see them both trying to win on points. I think it would have gone 15 rounds and reluctantly give Wladimir a unanimous decision for pressing the action. To me, Johnson was the best pre-Louis heavyweight but, like Dempsey, his offensive technique left a lot to be desired.
The second one is a tough match-up to handicap, Mark. I'm a fan of Johnson's but compared to today's era, I can't say anybody who fought that early on was a great fighter - they were then, maybe, but not against the modern heavies.
Experts Predicted Outcome: Klitschko winner 2-0
Moontan                             Klitschko                               8 - KO
Paul Galender                   Klitschko                              15- D

Wladimir Klitschko advances to the next round, consolation Semi-finals


Evander Holyfield vs. Rocky Marciano
Holyfield lost in the first round match to Vitali 3-0
Holyfield won in the consolation first round match over Larry Holmes 2-1
Marciano lost in the first round match to Sonny Liston 2-0
Marciano won in the consolation first round match over Gene Tunney 2-1
Evander Holyfield      Rocky Marciano
   1990-1992                   1952-1956
        (78”)                            (68”)
Fight Advantages
Hand Speed-Holyfield, KO Power-Marciano, Chin-Holyfield, Size-Holyfield, Defense-No Advantage, Endurance-No Advantage, Adaptability-Holyfield, Foot speed-Holyfield, Strength-Marciano, Jab-Holyfield, Cuts-Holyfield, Reach-Holyfield, Body Attack-Marciano:
Total: Holyfield 8-3-2

Paul Gallender, Writer and Boxing Historian:
Holyfield has every possible advantage in this bout. He's a much better boxer than Marciano, he's 30 pounds heavier, he hits harder, and he's fought much better competition. Matches like this simply shouldn't ever be made because the smaller man would find himself in a hopeless situation. Natural light heavyweights, as Rocky was, might have a chance against a solid heavyweight but only if they were excellent boxers, which Marciano wasn't. He could only fight one way, and that is by boring in to his opponent. He would take a lot of punishment and his punches would not have the same effect against a big man like Evander as they would against a light heavyweight. Rocky was a brave man but I'm afraid he would either be knocked out no later than the fifth round or the fight would be stopped by the referee because of all the punishment he would have taken.

Moontan, Heavyweight Action Boxing Expert:
Two of the greatest fighters ever to enter the ring if you measured hearts.  Both became boxing legends because they were never out of any fight and both fought with tremendous confidence. Holyfield would have about a 25 pound weight advantage and usually fought against much larger heavyweights than himself. Marciano would be at a great disadvantage in every aspect of the fight. Holyfield was a perfect fighting machine and would just be too much with superior hand speed and size and reach. Marciano would prove to be a very difficult target to hit but within 10 rounds I see the fight being stopped on cuts. Marciano had major problems with cuts and would not be able to endure the punishment deliver by Holyfield.
Experts Predicted Outcome: Holyfield winner  2-0
Moontan                             Holyfield                              10 -T KO

Paul Galender                   Holyfield                                 5- KO

Riddick Bowe vs. Wladimir Klitschko
Bowe lost in the first round match to Muhammad Ali 3-0
Bowe won in the consolation first round match over Jack Dempsey 2-0
Wladimir lost in the first round match to Lennox Lewis 2-1
Wladimir won in the consolation first round match over Jack Johnson 2-0               I
Riddick Bowe                                       Wladimir Klitschko
                1992-93                                      2009-2014
                6’4”, 235(81”)                                           6’6”, 245(81”)

Fight Advantages
Hand Speed-No Advantage, KO Power-Klitschko, Chin-Bowe, Size-No Advantage, Defense-Klitschko, Endurance-Klitschko, Adaptability-No Advantage, Foot speed-No Advantage, Strength-Bowe, Jab-Klitschko, Cuts-No Advantage, Reach-No Advantage, Body Attack-Bowe:
Total: Klitschko 4-3-6

Moontan, Heavyweight Action Boxing Expert:
Great matchup between two very underrated heavyweight champions and two of the greatest trainers that ever lived in Eddie Futch and Emanual Stewart. Both had tremendous influences on their fighters. Young Klitschko would have went right at Riddick and that would have been a bad mistake. Bowe took a great punch and was tremendous on the inside. He would have killed young Waldimir is this type of fight. As Wladimir got older he became much smarter with the excellent teaching of Emanuel Stewart. I see Wladimir staying at a distance and using his superior boxing skills keeping Bowe at long range and continually tying him up in close. His jab was far better than Bowe’s and he was a much better conditioned fighter. Klitschko would struggle early and might even go down but he would win all the late rounds and get stronger as the fight would progress. The fight would end in a decision with Wladimir winning it fairly easy.

Paul Gallender, Writer and Boxing Historian:
This is a good matchup of big heavyweights, however, I actually think that being the size of Vlad is not necessarily an advantage in the ring, though it would be in a street fight. I'd give the edge in punching power to Bowe but I think the bout would be a rather boring one. I don't think either fighter would take any chances and would be content to win a decision. Conditioning would be important in this match and Bowe would look to tire out Vlad through movement. I would expect the most telling blows to be landed by Riddick and for him to win two or three more rounds than the Russian. I wouldn't pay to see this fight, nor would I bet on it.

Robert Brown, East Side Boxing:
By Robert Brown: For the last decade the Klitschko brothers have been dominating faceless challengers in the Heavyweight division with monotonous regularity, and the majority of boxing insiders and boxing fans have generally come to the conclusion that the only Heavyweight of the modern era that could beat either of the Klitschko’s, and indeed did beat Vitali, is former British world Heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis. However in my opinion the boxing world has forgotten about a Heavyweight that was blessed with all the attributes in order to beat the Klitschko’s, this Heavyweight is Riddick (Big Daddy) Bowe.
Riddick Bowe who could at least compare and probably beat the Klitschko’s in a jabbing battle, which would enable him to force his way inside where he would have the strength and speed not to be bullied by the Klitschko’s and because the Klitschko’s have not been tested by someone that could fight on the inside, it is clear to me that in a fight against Riddick Bowe they would be tested in waters that not even Lennox Lewis could put them in, cause even though Lennox Lewis had the size, the foot work and the jab to bother the Klitschko’s, in my opinion he was not the inside fighter Riddick Bowe was, and therefore A prime dedicated and trained Riddick Bowe would cause more problems than Lewis because Lewis did not have the adaptability to fight on the inside that Bowe had, particularly with Wladimir, who has a susceptible chin and would be vulnerable against Bowe’s punching power and powerful right uppercut on the inside.

Experts Predicted Outcome: Bowe winner 2-1
Moontan                             Klitschko                              15-D
Paul Galender                   Bowe                                    15-D
Robert Brown                    Bowe                                    Win


Evander Holyfield vs. Riddick Bowe
Holyfield lost to Vitali Klitschko 3-0
Holyfield beat Larry Holmes 2-1
Holyfield beat Rocky Marciano 2-0
Bowe lost to Muhammad Ali 3-0
Bowe beat Jack Dempsey 2-0
Bowe beat Wladimir Klitschko 2-1

Bowe wins the consolation finals with his two victories over Holyfield in their three fights during the early 1990s. Both were at their best during those fights and will always be remember as classic fights.


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