Decade Rankings: 1930-1939

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(1)  Joe Louis  6’1”, 190- No question about Louis being the best of the 1930s, he dominated. His most dominate performance during the decade was of course his 1st round knockout of Max Schmeling and his total destruction of all the former champions of the decade, Sharkey, Carnera, Braddock and Baer.(39-1)
(2) Max Schmeling  6’1”, 192- Schmeling was the only fighter to defeat Louis before his first retirement in 1948. His 1936 twelve round knockout was the high point of his career. Even winning the title in 1930 wasn’t that glamorous for the German because he won that fight on a foul. Schmeling defeated Young Stribling, Micky Walker, Paulino Uzcudun and Steve Hamas. His only losses were his 1st round knockout to Joe Louis, his upset loss to Max Baer, his questionable 15-D loss to Jack Sharkey and Steve Hamas. (11-4-1)
(3) Max Baer  6’2”,209–Baer really had an up and down career because of his lifestyle and training practices. The talented Californian probably reached his peak in 1933 with his 10-KO of Max Schmeling. Other big wins during the decade include; Tom Heeney, King Levinsky, Johnny Risko, Tuffy Griffiths, Tommy Farr, Primo Carnera and Ernie Schaaf. His losses were shocking at times as he lost the title to James J. Braddock. Other losses included Tommy Loughran, Ernie Schaaf, Johnny Risko, Lou Nova, Tommy Farr, Paulino Uzcudun and Joe Louis. (57-11)
(4) Jack Sharkey  6’0”, 205- By  the time the 1930s came around Sharkey was well past his prime. He won a questionable decision over Schmeling in 1932 to win the title. He also defeated Primo Carnera in 1931. Sharkey’s losses during the decade were somewhat questionable. He lost a four round disqualification to Schmeling for the title and a very close split decision lost to Tommy Loughran. He also lost a 15-D to King Levinsky. Even his loss to Carnera for the title is highly questioned because the mob was in control of the Italian and Sharkey looked like he was barely hit. (5-6-2)
(5) Ernie Schaaf  6’12”, 209 –One of the most tragic figures in heavyweight boxing history. Schaaf died in the ring in 1933 an ended his brilliant career. At the time he was one of the top fighters in the world. Wins included Tommy Loughran, Max Baer, Jimmy Braddock, Paulino Uzcudun, Jimmy Maloney, Tuffy Griffiths, Young Stribling and Tony Galento. He lost twice to Tommy Loughran, and once to Baer and Carnera. (32-6)
 (6) Primo Carnera  6’5”, 260-Primo was very hard to figure out because so many of his fights were considered to be fixed, but a lot of them were not. He was a much better fighter than he was given credit for. Winning fights included Paulino Uzcudun(2), Jim Maloney, Bud Gorman, King Levinksy(2), Ernie Schaaf, Jack Sharkey and Tommy Loughran. In his prime he did not lose too many fights. Losses were to Jim Maloney, Jack Sharkey, Larry Gains, Max Baer and the legendary Joe Louis. (71-9-0)
(7) Tommy Loughran  5’11”, 183- It is hard to say how much Loughran had left on into the 1930s but his record speaks for itself. He was one of the best boxers of the decade and had several big wins. Victories included King Levinsky, Max Baer, Ernie Schaaf, Tuffy Griffith, Jack Sharkey, Steve Hamas, Paulino Uzcudun, Johnny Risko and Arthuro Godoy. Loses were against Ernie Schaaf, King Levinksy, Steve Hamas, Johnny Risko, Primo Carnera, Arthuro Godoy and Tommy Farr. (33-16-5)
(8) Steve Hamas  6’1”, 187-Hamas lost only four fights in his entire career. He lost to Lee Ramage, Tommy Loughran twice and to Max Schmeling. His victory list was against Tommy Loughran twice, Lee Ramage twice and a win over Schmeling. He also fought a draw with Ramage. (35-4-2)
(9) Young Stribling  6’1”, 188- Stribling was on the tail end of his career in the 1930s. Victories included Phil Scott, Tuffy Griffiths and Maxie Rosenbloom. His only losses were to Max Schmeling and Ernie Schaaf. His untimely death ended his brilliant career.(28-3)
(10) King Levinsky  5’11”, 197- Levinsky beat Jimmy Slattery(2), Tuffy Griffiths, Tommy Loughran, Paulino Uzcudun and Jack Sharkey. Losses were to Tommy Loughran(2), Jimmy Slattery, Primo Carnera, Joe Louis, Lee Ramage, Max Baer(2), Johnny Risko(3), Tuffy Griffiths. (58-33-4)
(11) Johnny Risko  5’11”, 195- A very active fighter, Risko recorded wins over Tommy Loughran(2), Paulino Uzcudun, Jim Maloney, Tom Heeney, King Levinsky, Micky Walker, Max Baer and Tony Galento. Losses were against Tuffy Griffiths, Micky Walker, Tommy Loughran, Max Baer and four losses to Patsy Perroni.(27-23-1)
(12) Maxie Rosenbloom 5’11”, 180- One of the most active fighters in heavyweight history. Victories: Jimmy Slattery, Patsy Perroni, Mickey Walker, King Levinksy, Lou Nova, Natie Brown, John Henry Lewis, LeRoy Haynes, Roscoe Toles, Lee Ramage and Al Ettore. Losses were against John Henry Lewis(2), Lee Ramage, Young Stribling and Mickey Walker. He fought draws against Lee Ramage and Bob Pastor.(123-24-19)
(13) Lou Nova  6’3”,202- Wins were against Abe Simon, Lee Ramage, Gunnar Barlund, Tommy Farr and Max Baer. Losses were against Maxie Rosenbloom and Tony Galento. Fought a draw with Bob Pastor.(22-2-4)
(14) Tuffy Griffiths  5’11, 185- Griffith had just three wins over top contenders, Johnny Risko, Tom Heeney and King Levinsky. Losses were against Young Striblin, Tommy Loughran, Ernie Schaaf, King Levinsky, Johnny Risko, Max Baer and Lee Ramage.(16-9)
(15) Tommy Farr  6’1”, 204- Tommy Loughran, Bob Olin, Ben Foord, Max Baer, Walter Neusel, Red Burman and Larry Gains were victories for the Englishmen. Losses were against Joe Louis, Max Baer, Red Burman, Jim Braddock and Lou Nova. (57-18-6)
(16) John Henry Lewis  5’11”, 180- Lewis was known as a light heavyweight who moved up to big boys. His victories were against Jimmy Braddock, Maxie Rosenbloom(2), Al Ettore(2), Johnny Risko, Patsy Perroni and Elmer Ray. Losses were against Maxie Rosenbloom(2), Jim Braddock and Al Ettore. (96-10-4)
(17) James J. Braddock 6’2 ½, 194- Braddock was the “Cinderella Man” and became the heavyweight champ defeating Max Baer in 1935. That was really his only claim to fame. Key wins were against Jack Roper, John Henry Lewis, Art Laskey and Tommy Farr. His losses were too many to name: Some of the more well known fighters he lost to were Ernie Schaaf in a split decision, Charley Retzlaff, John Henry Lewis, Al Ettore and of course the “Brown Bomber”, Joe Louis. (15-18-1)
(18) Bob Pastor  5’11 ½” 184-Was a great fighter during the 30s and 40s and is best remembered for his two fights against Joe Louis. He lost only four fights during the decade and two were against Louis. His other defeats were to Nathan Mann and Gus Dorazio. He fought draws against Lou Nova and Maxie Rosenbloom. He defeated Unknown Winston, Ray Impelletiere, Al Ettore, Lee Ramage, Al McCoy(2), Roscoe Toles and Buddy Scott. (39-4-4)
(19) Tony Galento 5’9”, 233- “Two Ton Tony”: His victories were over KO Christner, Natie Brown(2), Al Ettore, Nathan Mann, and Lou Nova. His losses include Johnny Risko, Natie Brown, Ernie Schaaf, Unknown Winston, Patsy Perroni, Arturo Godoy and Joe Louis. The Louis fight was his claim to fame dropping the “Brown Bomber” before losing.  (63-20-1)
(20) Gunner Barlund 6’1 ½”, 200- He won 18 out of his first 19 fights and the lone defeat was on a disqualification. His big wins were against Alberto Santiago Lovell, Buddy Baer, Tony Musto and Jack Roper. His losses were to the likes of Nathan Mann, Bob Olin, Maurice Strickland(DQ), Lou Nova,  Roscoe Toles, Paul Hartner and Jack Roper.(34-8-0)

(Average Weight 199 of the Top Heavyweights of the Decade)
(Record is from the decade of the 1930s)

Top Heavyweights During the 1930s

1930 Max Schmeling Jack Sharkey Y.Stribling Tuffy Griffiths Primo Carnera

1931 Max Schmeling 

Jack Sharkey Ernie Schaaf   Primo Carnera    King Levinksy
1932 Jack Sharkey  Max Schmeling  Max Baer  Stanley Poreda Primo Carnera

1933 Primo Carnera

Max Baer T.  Loughran King Levinsky Max Schmeling

1934 Max Baer 

Steve Hamas Primo Carnera Art Laskey   Max Schmeling
1935 Jim Braddock Joe Louis   Max Schmeling Primo Carnera Charley Retzlaff
1936 Jim Braddock Max Schmeling  Joe Louis Gunnar Barlund  Jack Trammell

1937 Joe Louis

Max Schmeling  Tommy Farr  Nathan Mann Alberto Lovell

1938 Joe Louis

Lou Nova  Max Baer Bob Pastor  Tony Galento

1939 Joe Louis

Tony Galento Bob Pastor Lou Nova Tommy Farr


History of the Heavyweight Division 1930-39
Top Three Heavyweights

1930- Champion, Max Schmeling
#1  Jack Sharkey:               

#2  Young Stribling:            

def. Sharkey 4-Disq
loss to Schmeling 4-Disq
def. Phil Scott 3-KO
def. Phil Scott 2-KO
def. Tuff Griffiths 10-D

1931-Champion, Max Schmeling
#1  Jack Sharkey:               

#2 Ernie Schaaf:                 

def. Young Stribling 15-D
draw Mickey Walker 15-D
def. Primo Carnera 15-D
def. Jim Braddock 10-D
loss to Loughran 10-D
def.Tuffy Griffiths 10-D unpopular decision

1932-Champion, Jack Sharkey              

#1 Max Schmeling             

#2 Max Baer                       

def. Schmeling 15-D highly questionable decision
loss to Sharkey 15-D highly questionable decision
def. Mickey Walker 8-KO

def. Levinksy 10-D
def. Tom Heeney 10-D
def. Levinsky 10-D
def. Ernie Schaaf 10-D
def. Tuffy Grittiths 7-KO

1933-Champion, Primo Carnera             

#1 Max Baer                       
#2 Tommy Loughran         

def. Schaaf 13-KO
def. Jack Sharkey 6-KO questionable fight
def. Paulino Uzcudun 15-D

def. Schmeling 10-KO

def. Levinksy 10-D
def. Steve Hamas 10-D
loss Johnny Risko 10-D
def. Sharkey 15-D split decision

1934-Champion, Max Baer       
#1 Steve Hamas               
#2 Primo Carnera              

def. Carnera 11-KO
def. Schmeling 12-D
def. Loughran 15-D
loss Baer 11-KO

1935-Champion, Jim Braddock              

#1 Joe Louis                        

#2 Max Schmeling             

def. Art Laskey 15-D
def. Max Baer 15-D
def. Patsy Perroni 10-D
def. Lee Ramage 2-KO
def. Carnera 6-KO
def. Levinksy 1-KO
def. Max Baer 4-KO
def. Paulino Uzcudun 4-KO
def. Steve Hamas 9-KO
def. Paulino Uzcudun 12-D

1936-Champion, Jim Braddock              
#1 Max Schmeling             
#2 Joe Louis                        

def. Joe Louis 12-KO
loss Max Schmeling 12-KO
def. Sharkey 3-KO

1937-Champion, Joe Louis       

#1 Max Schmeling             
#2 Tommy Farr                   

def. Bob Pastor 10-D
def. Jim Braddock 8-KO
def. Tommy Farr 15-D
def. Harry Thomas 8-KO
def. Ben Foord 15-D
def. Baer 12-D
def. Walter Neusel 3-KO
loss Joe Louis 15-D

1938-Champion, Joe Louis       
#1 Lou Nova                       

#2 Max Baer                       

def. Max Schmeling 1-KO
draw Lee Ramage 10-DR
def. Lee Ramage 10-D
draw Bob Pastor 10-DR
loss Maxie Rosenbloom 10-D
def. Gunnar Barlund 7-KO
def. Tommy Farr 15-D
def. Tommy Farr 15-D

1939-Champion, Joe Louis       

#1 Tony Galento                 
#2 Bob Pastor                     

def. John Henry Lewis 1-Ko
def. Tony Galento 4-KO
def. Bob Pastor 11-KO
loss Joe Louis 4-KO
def. Lou Nova 14-KO
def. Al McCoy 10-D
def. Roscoe Toles 10-D
loss Joe Louis 11-KO



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