Heavyweight Greatests - Final Rankings 1905-1928

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Gene Tunney 1. Gene Tunney 6’1”, 189       (Heavyweight Champion 1926-28)
Wins: 21      95%
Leo Houck(2-0), Battling Levinsky, Harry Greb(3-1), Charley Weinert(2-0), Tommy Loughran, Chuck Wiggins(2-0), Jack Renault, Jimmy Delaney, Erminio Spalla, George Carpentier, Jeff Smith, Tommy Gibbons, Bartley Madden, Johnny Risko, Jack Dempsey(2-0), Tom Heeney:
Losses: 1
Harry Greb(1-3):
Best Fight of His Career: 1926 Jack Dempsey 10-D Win
Rating Analysis: Tunney was a quick, smooth boxer who was underrated. He lost one fight in his entire career. He was the only fighter ever to knockout Gibbons and remember, Dempsey fought Gibbons in his prime and could not knock him out.  He was only put on the canvas one time in his whole career and that was the famous long count against Dempsey. He was the first heavyweight champion to retire from the ring as champion and never returned to the ring. The other two were Rocky Marciano and Lennox Lewis. Dempsey and Tunney had three common opponents during the peaks of their careers. Both fighters faced Battling Levinsky. In 1918 Levinsky was knocked out by Dempsey in the 3rd round. He lost to Tunney in 1922 in a 12-D. Both fighters faced George Carpentier, Dempsey knocked out Carpentier in the 4th round in 1921 while Tunney KO’ed the Frenchmen in 15 rounds in 1924. In 1923 Dempsey defeated Tommy Gibbons in a 15 round decision while Tunney knocked out Gibbons in the 12th round in 1925. What does this prove, not much. In their head to head matchups Tunney clearly out boxed Dempsey in the two fights winning nineteen of the twenty rounds they fought.

 Jack Dempsey 2. Jack Dempsey 6’1”, 190            (Heavyweight Champion 1919-1926)
Wins: 20         83%
Fireman Jim Flynn(1-1), Gunboat Smith(2-0), Carl Morris(2-0), Bill Brennan(2-0), Billy Miske(2-0-1), Arthur Pelkey, Porky Dan Flynn(2-0), Fred Fulton, Battling Levinsky, Jess Willard, George Carpentier, Tommy Gibbons, Luis Firpo, Jack Sharkey:
Losses: 4
Willie Meehan(1-2-2), Gene Tunney(0-2):
Best Fight of His Career: 1919 Jess Willard 4-KO Win
Rating Analysis: One of the most famous and liked Champions the boxing ring has seen. He dominated boxing from 1918 to 1923. During that period of time he was 31-1 and really unchallenged as the top fighter in the division. Dempsey was the only fighter to ever stop Battling Levinsky who had over 250 fights. His management would never allow him to face the top contender, Harry Wills, because of the race issues. It is doubtful that Wills size would have been a problem for Dempsey because most of his victories came against larger opponents. There is not a lot of info to compare the two fighters but they did have some common opponents. Both faced Fred Fulton, Dempsey defeated Fulton in a 1-KO in 1918 while Wills KO’ed him in the 3rd in 1920. Dempsey knocked out Gunboat Smith in 1918 in the 2nd round while Wills had a 1st round KO against Smith in 1921. Dempsey knocked out Luis Firpo in 1923 in the 2nd round while Wills faced Firpo in 1924 and won a 12 round decision. Both fighters did face Jack Sharkey but Wills was 37 years old and well past his peak while Dempsey knocked out Sharkey after he complained to the referee about a foul from Dempsey. Neither of these fights proved really anything as far as a comparison.Clearly not a lot of differences but I would have to go with Dempsey over Wills on his career wins.

Harry Wills 3.Harry Wills 6’2”, 204                (Top Contender from 1919 to 1926)
Record Total: 34-8-5    80%
Sam Langford(12-2-1), Joe Jeannette(1-0-2), Sam McVea(2-2), Jeff Clark(8-0-1), Willie Meehan(1-0), Bill Tate(4-1-1), Battling Jim Johnson(0-1), Fred  Fulton(1-0), Gunboat Smith(1-0), Denver Ed Martin(1-0), Kid Norfolk(1-0), Bartley Madden(1-0), Luis Firpo(1-0), Charley Weinert(1-0), Jack Sharkey(0-1), Paulino Uzcudun(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1920 Fred Fulton 3-KO Win
Rating Analysis: From 1916 to 1926 Wills was 53-2-1. One loss was a questionable disqualification and the other was when he broke his arm. Wills gained revenge in both matches quickly defeating both opponents. That is a ten year period of total domination against all the fighters that would face him. His dream fight against Dempsey will always be one of the great bouts that never happened. It was not Wills fault he was unable to fight Dempsey. There can be little question about Wills being ranked this high and a strong argument for him being ranked higher.

Sam Langford 4. Sam Langford 5’7 ½”, 166          (Top Contender from 1907 to 1913)
Record Total: 55-32-18   63%
Joe Walcott(0-0-1), Joe Jeannette(7-3-2), Jack Johnson(0-1), Sam McVea(6-2-5), Harry Wills(2-14-1), Fred Fulton(0-2), Jeff Clark(4-3-2), Bill Tate(4-4-1), Sandy Ferguson(1-0-1), Tony Ross(1-0), Fireman Jim Flynn(5-0-1), Al Kubiak(2-0), Mike schreck(1-0), Stanley Ketchell(1-0), Battling Jim Johnson(9-0-2), Bill Lang(1-0), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(1-0), Tony Ross(1-0), Porky Dan Flynn(2-0), Gunboat Smith(1-1), Kid Norfolk(1-0), Willie Meehan(0-1), George Godfrey(2-0-1), Bearcat Wright(3-1-1), Tiger Flower(1-0):
Best Fight of His Career: 1913 Sam McVea 13-KO Win
Rating Analysis: Langford was a fighting legend who fought at a great disadvantage most the time because of the race issue and having to fight so often to make a living at the sport.  He was half blind in the latter part of his career. There can be little question about his ranking although some would question his height and weight being a disadvantage against the larger heavyweights. Fulton could have a claim to be rated ahead of Langford because he beat him both times they fought. Langford was 35 years old at the time he fought Fulton and well past his prime but was still a very big name. How is this for a fighter dominating the heavyweight  landscape? From 1906 to 1913 Langford won 66 fights, lost 3 and had 9 draws. All three losses he quickly avenged. Always makes you wonder how many times he had to take a dive to get fights.

Fred Fulton 5. Fred Fulton 6’6 ½”, 215                       (Top Contender from 1914 to 1921)
Record Total: 26- 4-2     86%
Carl Morris(3-2), Al Palzer(0-1), Al Kaufman(1-0), Arthur Pelkey(2-0), Porky Dan Flynn(5-0), Fireman Jim Flynn(1-0), Charley Weinert(2-0), Sam Langford(2-0), Gunboat Smith(2-0), Billy Miske(1-0), Frank Moran(2-0), Jack Dempsey(0-1), Willie Meehan(3-0), Bartley Madden(1-0-1), Harry Wills(0-1), Bob Roper(2-0-1): *Fights while he was in his prime
Best Fight of His Career: 1917 Sam Langford 7-KO Win
Rating Analysis:  From 1914 to 1922 he lost 4 fights and two were disqualifications and the other two were to Harry Wills and Jack Dempsey. During that time he won 67, lost 2, with two disqualifications and 3 draws. Fulton was a very dominate fighter but he could not get past the two top fighters of the period, Jack Dempsey and Harry Wills. You could make a strong argument for him being rated higher.

Joe Jeannette 6. Joe Jeannette 5’10”, 197
Record Total: 40-18-16        69%
Black Bill(8-1-1), Jack Johnson(1-4-2), Sam Langford(3-7-4), Sam McVea(2-1-2), Sam Ferguson(3-1), Al Kubiak(3-1), Jeff Clark(1-1-1), Tony Ross(2-0-1), Porky Dan Flynn(2-0), Jack Twin Sullivan(1-0), Battling Jim Johnson(5-1-3), Bill Tate(4-0), Harry Wills(0-1-2), George Carpentier(1-0), Arthur Pelkey(1-0), Kid Norfolk(2-0), Bartley Madden(1-0):
Best Fight of His Career: 1909 Sam McVea 49-D Win
Rating Analysis: He battled the best fighters that ever entered the ring during his glory years. He more than held his own against these greats.

Jack Sharkey 7. Jack Sharkey  6’0”, 196         (Heavyweight Champion 1932-1933)
Wins: 18         60%
Floyd Johnson, Jack Renault, Jim Maloney(3-1), King Solomon, Bud Gorman(1-1), Johnny Risko(1-1), George Godfrey, Harry Wills, Mike McTigue, Jack Delaney, KO Christner, Young Stribling, Tommy Loughran(1-1), Phil Scott, Max Schmeling(1-1), Primo Carnera(1-1):
Losses: 12
Jack Dempsey, Quintin Romero Rojas, Charley Weinert(0-2), King Levinsky, Joe Louis:
Draws: 2
Tom Heeney, Micky Walker:
Best Fight of His Career: 1926 Harry Wills 13-Dis Win (Sharkey dominated the fight)
Rating Analysis: Sharkey had some very strong victories during his career. He beat Dempsey for six rounds before turning his head to the referee and telling him he was fouled and Dempsey knocked him out. He defeated Harry Wills although he was well past his prime and George Godfrey another fighter who was avoided by most fighters. He had an up and down career which is why he is not rated higher.

Harry Greb 8. Harry Greb 5’8”, 171                    (Middleweight Champion)
Record Total: 61-9-6         87%
Billy Miske(3-0-1), Tommy Gibbons(2-2), Jeff Smith(6-0-1), Jack Dillon(2-0), Battling Levinsky(6-0)
Willie Meehan(2-0), Mike McTigue(2-0), Gunboat Smith(2-0), Bill Brennan(4-0), Leo Houck(2-0), Bartley Madden(3-0), Bob Roper(5-0), Chuck Wiggins(5-0-2), Jack Renault(2-0), Kid Norfolk(1-1), Charley Weinert(1-0), Gene Tunney(1-3-1), Tommy Loughran(4-1-1), Tiger Flowers(1-2), Jimmy Slattery(1-0), Jimmy Delaney(3-0), Quintin Romeao Rojas(1-0), Mickey Walker(1-0), Maxie Rosenbloom(1-0):
Best Fight of His Career: 1922 Gene Tunney 15-D Win
Rating Analysis: Greb had 299 fights and beat anybody who would face him. Gene Tunney lost one fight in his entire career and that was to Greb. He was only a middleweight but he beat fighters in all weight divisions. He also split with Tommy Gibbons with 2 fights apiece. Jack Dempsey would never fight Greb and Sharkey never faced Greb either.

Tommy Gibbons 9. Tommy Gibbons 6’0 ½”, 179                       (Light Heavyweight Champion)
Record Total: 15-5-3        75%
Billy Miske(2-1-1), Harry Greb(2-2), Battling Levinsky(1-0), Bartley Madden(1-0), Bob Roper(2-0), Chuck Wiggins(3-0), Porky Dan Flynn(1-0), Willie Meehan(1-0), Jack Dempsey(0-1), George Carpentier(1-0), Kid Norfolk(1-0), Gene Tunney(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1920 Harry Greb 10-D Win
Rating Analysis: From 1911 to 1920 Tommy Gibbons did not lose a fight. He finally lost to Harry Greb in 1920. He later lost to Dempsey for the heavyweight title and later was knocked out by Gene Tunney at the age of 34 in his last fight. He was not big but he was hard to beat and should be rated at least this high.

Tommy Loughran 10. Tommy Loughran 5’11 ½”, 185                (Top Contender 1925-1929)
Record Totals: 34-23-5          59%
Mike McTigue(3-1), Harry Greb(1-4-1), Gene Tunney(0-1), Jeff Smith(1-1), Jimmy Delaney(1-0-1), Jack Delaney(0-1-1), Young Stribling(1-2), King Solomon(1-0), Chuck Wiggins(2-0), Georges Carpentier(1-0), Johnny Risko(3-2), Jimmy Slattery(1-0), Leo Lomski(1-0), Mickey Walker(1-0), Ernie Schaaf(2-2), Jim Braddock(1-0), Jack Sharkey(1-1), Jack Renault(1-0), King Levinsky(2-1), Max Baer(1-0), Tuffy Griffiths(1-0), Paulino Uzcudun(1-0), Steve Hamas(2-2), Stanley Poreda(0-1), Ray Impellittiere(3-0), Primo Carnera(0-1), Arturo Godoy(1-1-1), Al Ettore(1-0), Tommy Farr(0-1), Al McCoy(0-1-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1929 Ernie Schaaf 10-D Win
Rating Analysis: From 1925 to 1929 Loughran won 38 fights in a row against the best in the heavyweight division. His biggest wins were over Ernie Schaaf, Harry Greb, Young Stribling, Jack Sharkey, King Levinsky and Max Baer. 

Gunboat Smith11. Gunboat Smith  6’2”  182                      (Top Contender from 1912 to 1914)
Record Totals: 20-28-6         42%
Porky Dan Flynn(0-2), George Codfrey(1-0), Al Kubiak(1-0), Jack Twin Sullivan(0-0-1), Frank Moran(3-0), Bombardier Billy Wells(1-0), Jess Willard(1-0), Fireman Jim Flynn(1-0), Carl Morris(1-1-1), Tony Ross(1-0), Sam Langford(1-1), Arthur Pelkey(2-0), George Carpentier(0-1), Battling Levinsky(1-3-2), Jim Coffey(2-1), Fireman Jim Flynn(1-0), Jack Dillon(0-3), Charley Weinert(1-2), Kid Norfolk(0-2), Bill Tate(1-1), Jack Dempsey(0-2), Fred Fulton(0-2), Billy Miske(0-2), Harry Greb(0-2), Leo Houck(0-0-1), Willie Meehan(1-0), Chuck Wiggins(0-1), Bob Roper(0-1-1), Harry Wills(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1913 Sam Langford 12-D Win
Rating Analysis:  From 1912 to 1914 Gunboat Smith was unbeaten and had some big wins under his belt. Gunboat defeated the likes of Sam Langford, George Godfrey, Frank Moran, Bombardier Billy Wells, and future champion, Jess Willard as well as  Carl Morris. He was the top rated fighter in the world at that time.  His career record really suffered after 1914 because he began losing more than he won.

Young Stribling 12. Young Stribling 6’1”, 188                     (Top Contender 1924-1929)
Record Totals: 27-7-1   79%
Jimmy Slattery(1-1), Mike McTigue(1-0), Tommy Loughran(2-1), Paul Berlenbach(0-0-1), Young Bob Fitzsimmons(1-0), Jimmy Delaney(3-0), Quintin Romero Rojas(1-0), Bud Gorman(1-0), Johnny Risko(2-0), Paul Berlenbach(0-1), Battling Levinsky(1-0), Maxie Rosenbloom(2-0), Chuck Wiggins(4-0), Otto von Porat(2-0), Sully Montgomery(1-0), Jack Sharkey(0-1), Primo Carnera(1-1) Both fights probably fixed, Phil Scott(1-0), KO Christner(1-0), Tuffy Griffiths(1-0), Max Schmeling(0-1), Ernie Schaaf(0-1), Jack Renault(1-0):
Best Fight of His Career: 1926 Johnny Risko 10-D Win
Rating Analysis: Every time Stribling fought for all the marbles he came up short. In 1929 in an elimination fight against Jack Sharkey he lost a 10-D. In 1931 he finally got his shot at the title against Max Schmeling and lost in a 15-TKO. From 1924 to 1929 he lost two fights. He was one of the top heavyweights during that period. He was very active and had a strong record.

Billy Miske 13. Billy Miske  6’0 ½”, 187                             
Record Totals: 25-12-8   68%
Tommy Gibbons (1-3-1), Harry Greb(0-2-1), Jack Dillon(3-1-1), Battling Levinsky(2-2), Charley Weinert(3-0), Carl Morris(1-0), Kid Norfolk(0-2), Fred Fulton(1-0-1), Gunboat Smith(2-0), Jack Dempsey(0-2-1), Willie Meehan(2-0-1), Bartley Madden(1-0), Tom McMahon(1-0), Fireman Jim Flynn(1-0), Bill Brennan(3-0-1), Jack Renault(2-0), Bob Roper(2-0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1918 Jack Dempsey 10-Draw
Rating Analysis: Miske was a very competitive fighter who fought a draw against Dempsey, beat Tommy Gibbons, Battling Levinsky and Fred Fulton. His body of work is impressive.

Johnny Risko 14. Johnny Risko  5’11”, 190   (Top Contender from 1927 to 1928)
Record Totals: 33-36-1    47%
Quintin Romero Rojas(3-1), Sully Montgomery(1-1), Jack Renault(0-1), Young Stribling(0-2), Chuck Wiggins(0-3-1), Jack Sharkey(1-1), Tommy Loughran(2-3), Young Bob Fitzsimmons(1-0), Jack Delaney(1-1), Paul Berlenbach(1-0), Mike McTigue(0-1), King Solomon(1-0), Harry Persson(0-1), Jimmy Delaney(1-1), Jimmy Slattery(0-1), Tom Heeney(1-1), Paulino Uzcudun(2-0), Phil Scott(1-0), George Godfrey(1-0), Bearcat Wright(1-0), Jim Maloney(3-1), Ernie Schaaf(1-1), Max Schmeling(0-1), Otto Von Porat(1-0), Tuffy Griffiths(1-3), KO Christner(2-1), Mickey Walker(1-2), Charley Retzlaff(0-2), Tony Galento(1-0), Max Baer(1-1), King Levinsky(3-0), Stanley Poreda(0-1), Patsy Perroni(0-3), Natie Brown(0-1), Bob Olin(1-0), John Henry Lewis(0-1), Red Burman(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1928 Jack Sharkey 15-D Split Win
Rating Analysis: One of the most active fighters during this period he defeated some of the best of the ring had to offer. Baer, Sharkey, Loughran, Godfrey, Schaaf: These men dominated boxing during this period and Risko held wins over all of them.

George Godfrey15. George Godfrey 6’3”, 240                 (Top Contender 1927)
Record Totals: 12-9-2    57%
Sam Langford(0-2-1), Bill Tate(2-0), Jack Renault(1-2), Fred Fulton(1-0), Sully Montgormery(1-0), Chuck Wiggins(1-1), Jack Sharkey(0-1), Larry Gains(1-1), Jack Roper(2-0), Jim Maloney(1-0), Paulino Uzcudun(1-0), Johnny Risko(0-1), Bud Gorman(1-0), Primo Carnera(0-1), Bearcat Wright(0-0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1928 Paulino Uzcudun 10-D Win
Rating Analysis: Godfrey was one of the largest fighters during this period and outside of Harry Wills was probably the best black heavyweight during the 1920s. His big chance came against Johnny Risko in 1928 a fight that he lost.

Jess Willard 16. Jess Willard  6’6 ½”, 238                    (Heavyweight Champion 1915-1919)
Wins: 5    55%
Arthur Pelkey, Carl Morris, Jack Johnson, Frank Moran, Floyd Johnson:
Losses: 4
Gunboat Smith, Tom McMahon, Jack Dempsey, Luis Firpo:
Draws: 1
Luther McCarty:
Best Fight of His Career: 1915 Jack Johnson 26-KO Win
Rating Analysis: Hard to rate Willard very high because he was not very active. He beat an over the hill Jack Johnson. His only real creditable fights were his wins over Carl Morris and Frank Moran and his draw against Luther McCarty. Hard to rate him any high than this.

Carol Morris17. Carl Morris  6’4”, 233
Record Totals:  14-20-1     41%
Fireman Jim Flynn(3-1), Mike Schreck(1-0), Marvin Hart(1-0), Luther McCarty(0-1), Al Kubiak(1-1), Jess Willard(0-1), Fred Fulton(2-3), Tom McMahon(0-2), Porky Dan Flynn(1-0), Jim Coffey(0-2), Arthur Pelkey(1-0), Gunboat Smith(1-2-1), Battling Levinsky(1-0), Frank Moran(1-0), Billy Miske(0-1), Jack Dempsey(0-3), Battling Levinsky(1-0), Bob Roper(0-2), Sully Montgomery(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1916 Battling Levinsky 15-D Win
Rating Analysis: Morris was a product of the “Great White Era” like so many of the big heavyweights during the period. He had a nice record with wins over Fulton, Levinsky, Gunboat Smith, Harvin Hart, Frank Moran and others.

Luis Firpo 18. Luis Firpo  6’2 ½, 216
Record Totals: 7-3     70%
Gunboat Smith(2-0), Bill Brennan(1-0), Jess Willard(1-0), Charley Weinert(1-1), Jack Dempsey(0-1), Erminio Spalla(2-0), Harry Wills(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1923 Jack Dempsey 2-KO Lost
Rating Analysis: He was another fighter who did not have a lot of fights but made the most of a limited career. His fight against Dempsey is legendary and he did defeat Willard and Brennan.

Jack Dillon 19. Jack Dillon 5’7 ½”, 175                             (Top Contender from 1913-1916)
Record Totals: 29-12-6    73%
Jimmy Gardner(3-0), Mike “Twin Sullivan”(2-0), Battling Levinsky(6-2-2), Leo Houck(2-1), Fireman Jim Flynn(4-0-1), Porky Dan Flynn(3-0), Gunboat Smith(3-0), Charley Weinert(1-0), Billy Miske(1-3-1), Tom Cowler(1-0), Tom MaMahen(0-1-1), Frank Moran(1-0), Al McCoy(2-0-1), Harry Greb(0-2), Mike Gibbons(0-2), Willie Meehan(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1916 Billy Miske 10-D Win
Rating Analysis: From 1913 to 1916 Dillon was one of the toughest fighters in the world even though he was only a light heavyweight. He had wins over Gunboat Smith, Battling Levinsky, Billy Miske, Fireman Jim Flynn and many more. His size is really the only thing limited his ranking.

Battling Levinsky 20. Battling Levinsky 5’11”, 175
Record Totals: 39-26-15     60%
Jack Dillon(2-5-2), Tom McMahon(4-0), Jack “Twin” Sullivan(1-1), Porky Dan Flynn(5-0-4), Charley Weinert(2-1-1), Fireman Jim Flynn(3-0), Jim Coffey(3-0), Tony Ross(1-0), Bartley Madden(4-1-1), Gunboat Smith(3-1-2), Tom Cowler(2-0), Billy Miske(2-2), Carl Morris(0-2), Tommy Gibbons(0-1), Leo Houck(2-0), Harry Greb(0-6), Jim Coffey(3-0-1), Bill Brennan(1-1-2), Jack Dempsey(0-1), Jack Renault(0-0-1), Chuck Wiggins(0-0-1), George Carpentier(0-1), Mike McTigue(1-0), Bob Roper(0-1), Gene Tunney(0-1), Young Stribling(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1919 Billy Miske 12-D Win
Rating Analysis: Levinsky had over 288 fights and fought everybody and had an outstanding record. He was really only a light heavyweight but his record speaks for itself.

Kid Norfolk 21. Kid Norfolk 5’9”, 183
Record Totals: 21-9-1      70%
Jeff Clarke(5-1), Bill Tate(3-0), Sam McVea NC, Arthur Pelkey(1-0), Tom Cowler(2-0), Gunboat Smith(2-0), Billy Miske(2-0), Sam Langford(0-1), Porky Dan Flynn(1-0), Battling Jim Johnson(1-0), Joe Jeannette(0-2), Clay Turner(1-2), Harry Greb(1-1), Tiger Flowers(2-0-1), Harry Wills(0-1), Tommy Gibbons(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1919 Billy Miske 10-D Win
Rating Analysis: Another of the great Negro fighters during the period who was very dangerous anytime he entered the ring. His biggest wins were over Billy Miske, Gunboat Smith and Tiger Flowers.

Luther McCarty 22. Luther McCarty  6’4”, 205               (Top Contender from 1912 to 1913)
Wins: 4-1-1     80%
Carl Morris, Fireman Jim Flynn, Al Palzer, Frank Moran:
Arthur Pelkey:
Jess Willard
Best Fight of His Career: 1912 Jess Willard 10-Draw
Rating Analysis: McCarty died after his loss to Palzer in 1913 in a 1st round knockout. He had a short career but held a draw against Willard and beat Moran and Jim Flynn.

Bill Brennan 23. Bill Brennan  6’1”, 196
Record Totals: 8-14-6    36%
Tony Ross(1-0), Bartley Madden(3-1-1), Battling Levinksy(1-1-2), Tom McMahon(2-0-1), Jim Coffey(0-0-1), Jack Dempsey(0-2), Harry Greb(0-4), Billy Miske(0-3-1), Bob Roper(0-1), Willie Meehan(1-0), Floyd Johnson(0-1), Luis Firpo(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1917 Battling Levinsky 12-D Win
Rating Analysis: Brennan's two fights with Dempsey were the highlights of his career. It is hard to rate him very high because he did not have a lot of big time wins.

Frank Moran 24. Frank Moran  6’1 ½”, 201
Record Totals: 7-14   33%
Tom Cowler(3-0), Al Palzer(2-0), Al Kubiak(0-1), Tony Ross(0-1), Gunboat Smith(0-1), Luther McCarty(0-1), Jack Johnson(0-1), Bombardier Wells(1-0), Jim Coffey(2-0), Jess Willard(0-1), Jack Dillon(0-1), Gunboat Smith(0-2), Carl Morris(0-1), Fred Fulton(0-2), Bob Roper(0-2):
Best Fight of His Career: 1914 Jack Johnson 20-D  Lost
Rating Analysis: Moran’s big claim to fame is he fought for the title twice during the decade losing first to Jack Johnson in 1914 and Jess Willard two years later in 1916. He really did not have a lot of big names that he defeated.

Tom Heeney25. Tom Heeney 5’10 ½”, 203
Record Totals: 5-12-1   29%
Phil Scott(0-1), Bartley Madden(1-0), Bud Gorman(1-0), Jim Maloney(1-1), Johnny Risko(1-1), Jack Sharkey(0-0-1), Jack Delaney(1-0), Gene Tunney(0-1), Otto von Porat(0-1), Tuffy Griffiths(0-1), Max Baer(0-2), Charley Retzlaff(0-2), Jimmy Slattery(0-1), Patsy Perroni(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1928 Jack Sharkey 12- Draw
Rating Analysis: Heeney fought Gene Tunney for the title in 1928 just before Tunney retired undefeated. Heeney got the fight because of his victories over Bartley Madden, Bud Gorman, Jim Maloney and Johnny Risko. He also had draws against Paulino Uzcudun and Jack Sharkey. After his fast rise to the top he did not do much in the heavyweight division.

Stanley Ketchell 26. Stanley Ketchell  5’9”, 170
Wins: Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(2), Porky Dan Flynn:
Losses: Jack Johnson, Sam Langford:
Best Fight of His Career: 1909 Jack Johnson 12-KO Loss
Rating Analysis: Tough to rank Ketchell as top heavyweight but he did defeated Philadelphia Jack O’Brien twice and fought well against Jack Johnson although it was agree upon before hand that Johnson would carry him.  He also fought a no decision 6 round affair with Sam Langford which many felt like was a draw. Some newspaper account even felt like he won the fight. On these fights alone Ketchell is ranked this high.

Al Kaufman 27. Al Kaufman 6’0”, 195
Record Total: 10-6   62%
Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(2-1), Twin Jack Sullivan(2-0), George Gardner(1-0), Mike Schreck(1-0), Fireman Jim Flynn(1-1), Tony Ross(2-0), Jack Johnson(0-1), Al Kubiak(1-0), Al Palzer(0-1), Luther McCarty(0-1), Fred Fulton(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1910 Philadelphia Jack O’Brien 6-D win
Rating Analysis: Kaufman won 24 out of his first 26 fights. His only losses were to Jack Johnson and Philadelphia Jack O’Brien. He finally fought Johnson for the title in 1909. All his losses came late in this career.

Jimmy Maloney 28. Jimmy Maloney 5’10”, 202
Record Totals : 14-11    56%
Jack Sharkey(1-3), Sully Montgomery(1-0), Quintin Romero Rojas(1-0), Emilio King Solomon(3-0), Charley Weinert(1-0), Jack Delaney(1-0), Bud Gorman(1-0), George Godfrey(0-1), Tom Heeney(1-1), Jack Renault(1-0), Johnny Risko(1-3), KO Christner(1-0), Primo Carnera(1-1), Ernie Schaaf(0-2):
Best Fight of His Career: 1929 Tom Heeney 10-D Win
Rating Analysis: Maloney had a fine career with some solid victories over Jack Sharkey and Johnny Risko. He was one of the top contenders in the division from 1926 to 1929.

Paulino Uzcudun 29. Paulino Uzcudun  5’10”, 205
Record Totals: 11-14-2   44%
Phil Scott(1-0), Erminio Spalla(1-0), Tom Heeney(1-0-1), Harry Wills(1-0), Jack Delaney(0-1), Johnny Risko(0-2), Quintin Romero Rojas(1-0), George Godfrey(0-1), Otto Von Porat(2-0), Bill Hartwell(1-0), Jack Renault(1-0), KO Christner(1-0), Max Schmeling(0-2-1), Tuffy Griffiths(0-1), Primo Carnera(0-2), Max Baer(1-0), Tommy Loughran(0-1), King Levinsky(0-1), Mickey Walker(0-1), Ernie Schaaf(0-1), Joe Louis(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1927 Harry Wills 4-KO Win
Rating Analysis: Paulino was one of the top heavyweights to come out of Europe during the period along with Schmeling and Carnera. In 1927 he was supposed to fight Dempsey in an elimination bout with the winner to face the winner of the Jack Sharkey-Jimmy Maloney fight. Instead he faced Harry Wills and never received a shot at the title until he was well past his prime against Carnera in 1933.

Paul Berlenbach 30. Paul Berlenbach 5’10”, 174
Record Total: 6-6-1   50%
Jack Delaney(1-3), Young Stribling(1-0-1), Battling Siki(1-0), Mike McTigue(1-1),
Jimmy Slattery(1-0), Emilio King Solomon(1-0), Johnny Risko(0-1), Mickey Walker(0-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 1926 Young Stribling 15-D Win
Rating Analysis: Berlenbach was a light heavyweight but he more than held his own against the heavyweight division. 



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