Heavyweight Greatests - Final Rankings 1882-1904

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jack johnson  1. Jack Johnson 6’1”, 200         {Heavyweight Champion 1908-1914}

Record Total: 29-5-6   85%

Joe Kennedy(1-0), George Gardner(1-0), Denver Ed Martin(2-0), Sam McVea(3-0), Sandy Ferguson(4-0), Black Bill(4-0), Joe Jeannette(4-1-2), Sam Langford(1-0), Bob Fitzsimmons(1-0), Joe Choynski(0-1), Hank Griffin(0-1-2), Marvin Hart(0-1), Jess Willard(0-1), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(0-0-1), Fireman Jim Flynn(2-0), Tommy Burns(1-0), Tony Ross(1-0), Al Kaufman(1-0), Stanley Ketchell(1-0), Jim Jeffires(1-0), Battling Jim Johnson(0-0-1), Frank Moran(1-0):

Best Fight Of His Career: 1910 Jim Jeffries 15-KO win

Rating Analysis: Johnson was one of the greatest defensive fighters ever to enter the ring during any period. He had a very long career and had gotten soft during the last few years of his reign while living in Europe. He really stands unchallenged as the top fighter of the period. Jeffries in his prime would have been a great challenge for Johnson. But we can only speculate what Big Jeff would have done in his prime against the Negro from Galveston.  He was a master boxer who overcame the color line to win the title. Surprisingly, his victories over the top fighters of the period were against fighters that were all over the hill. Jeffries and Bob Fitzsimmons were well past their prime when they faced Johnson. His biggest victories against fighters in their prime would be Sam McVea and a young Sam Langford.

James Jeffries  2. James J. Jeffries 6’0”,218         (Heavyweight Champion 1899-1905)

Record Total: 11-1-2     91%

Hank Griffin(1-0), Gus Ruhlin(1-0-1), Joe Choynski(0-0-1), Joe Goddard(1-0), Peter Jackson(1-0), Tom Sharkey(2-0), Jim Corbett(2-0), Bob Fitzsimmons(2-0), Joe Kennedy(1-0), Jack Johnson(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1900 Jim Corbett 23-KO Win

Rating Analysis: The legendary Jim Jeffries retired undefeated only to return to the ring and lost to Jack Johnson in their historic 1910 fight. Jeffries dominated the era more than Jack Johnson but his one loss puts him behind the Galveston Giant. He is unchallenged for the number two spot during the era. His endurance and stamina put him ahead of everybody else during the period. He held two victories over the number three and four fighters on my list.


Bob Fitzsimmons  3. Bob Fitzsimmons  5’11”, 156       (Heavyweight Champion 1887-1899)

Record Total: 10-7-2      58%

Mick Dooley (0-1), Jim Hall(2-1), N.Jack Dempsey(1-0), Peter Maher(2-0), Joe Choynski(0-0-1), Tom Sharkey(1-1), James J. Corbett(1-0), Jim Jeffries(0-2), Ed Dunkhorst(1-0), Gus Ruhlin(1-0), George Gardner(1-0), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(0-1-1), Jack Johnson(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1897 Jim Corbett 14-KO Win

Rating Analysis: Fitzsimmons was one of the freaks of boxing weighing no more than 160 and he dominated the heavyweight division during his heyday. He had solid defense, great power and unbelievable recovery powers when in a heated battle. He came from New Zealand as so many of the great fighters of the period did. He held wins over Peter Maher #8, Tom Sharkey #7 and Corbett #4. The reason he is placed ahead of Corbett is because in their only meeting Fitzsimmons won the fight.  

James Corbett  4. James J. Corbett 6’1”, 178             (Heavyweight Champion 1892-1897)

Record Total: 7-4-2    63%

Joe Choynski(2-0), Jake Kilrain(1-0), Dominick McCaffrey(1-0), Peter Jackson(0-0-1), John L. Sullivan(1-0), Charley Mitchell(1-0), Tom Sharkey(0-1-1), Bob Fitzsimmons(0-1), Jim Jeffries(0-2), Kid McCoy(1-0):

Best Fight of His Career: 1892 John L. Sullivan 21-KO Win

Rating Analysis: Corbett was a great boxer who fought out of San Francisco. He is the only fighter who faced six out of the top 10 heavyweights of the period. Corbett was getting the better of Fitzsimmons through most of his fight before losing and also was well ahead of Jeffries on points till he lost by knockout in the 23rd round. He was the master boxer.

Peter Jackson  5. Peter Jackson 6’1 ½”, 195             (Top Contender 1886 to 1892)

Record Total: 10-1-2    91%

Tom Lees(2-0), Bill Farnan(0-1-1), Mick Dooley(1-0), Steve O’Donnell(1-0), George Godfrey(1-0), Joe McAuliffe(1-0), Patsy Cardiff(1-0), Peter Maher(1-0), Denver Ed Smith(1-0), Joe Goddard(0-0-1), Jim Corbett(0-0-1), Frank Slavin(1-0): He lost two fights late in his career right before his death in 1901 at the age of 40.

Best Fight of His Career: 1891 Jim Corbett 61-Draw

Rating Analysis: Jackson was truly a great fighter who dominated the heavyweight division but was never given a chance at the title because of his color. He is rated ahead of the legendary John L. Sullivan due to his draw against Corbett. Jackson was from Australia and traveled the world taking on all comers. Unfortunately Jackson died a relatively young man of tuberculosis.

John Sullivan  6. John L. Sullivan 5’10”, 195     (Heavyweight Champion 1882-1892)

Record Total: 3-1-1   75%

Charley Mitchell (1-0), Dominick McCaffrey(1-0), Paddy Ryan(1-0), Patsy Cardiff(0-0-1), Jim Corbett(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1885 Dominick McCaffrey 7-D Win

Rating Analysis: Sullivan more than any fighter in history helped to make boxing the sport that it became. He was honest; he would not take a dive, could not be bought and was one hell of a fighter. There is a reason he was recognized by many as the first heavyweight champion of the world. His greatness is totally lost sometimes because of what he became in our society. He was this countries first real American sports hero. He also was able to fight under a wide variety of rules and was still successful.

Tom Sharkey  7. Tom Sharkey 5’8”, 183                                     (Top Contender 1896 to 1900)

Record Total: 8-5-3    62%

Joe Choynski(2-0-1), Jim Corbett(1-0-1), Bob Fitzsimmons(1-1), Peter Maher(0-0-1), Joe Goddard (2-0), Jim Jeffries(0-2), Gus Ruhlin(1-2), Kid McCoy (1-0):

Best Fight of His Career: 1899 Jim Jeffries 25-KO Loss

Rating Analysis: You could easily make a strong argument for Sharkey being rated ahead of Corbett, who he beat, and Jackson as well as Sullivan. Sharkey became famous for almost gaining title in his fight with James J. Jeffries. He was without question one of the top fighters of the period.

Sam McVea  8. Sam McVea 5’10 ½”, 208

Record Total: 22-14-8    61%

Jack Johnson(0-3), Denver Ed Martin(3-1), Joe Jeannette(1-2-2), Al Kubiak(1-0), Battling Jim Johnson(6-0-1), Sam Langford(2-6-7), Bill Lang(1-0), Arthur Pelkey(1-0), Harry Wills(2-2), Jeff Clark(5-0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1909 Joe Jeannette 49-D Loss

Rating Analysis: Just like Jack Johnson, Sam McVea’s career took off before 1905 and therefore he is included in this time period. The majority of his career was fought between 1905 and 1928 but he was a contender prior to 1905, therefore he is included in this era. It was hard to judge how good McVea was in comparison to the other fighters during this period because he did not face many of these fighters. Against Wills, Langford, Johnson and Jeannette he would probably be ranked number five. Against all other black fighters during the period he was very successful. Because of the competition he faced alone he has to be highly regarded.

Peter Maher 9. Peter Maher 5’11 ½”, 172                              (Top Contender 1890-1895)            

Record Total: 14-15-4   48%

Peter Jackson(0-1), Bob Fitzsimmons(0-2), Joe Goddard(1-2), Joe McAuliffe(0-0-1), George Godfrey(1-0), Peter Courtney(2-0), Gus Ruhlin(1-2-1), Steve O’Donnell(5-0), Frank Paddy Slavin(1-0), Joe Choynski(1-2), Tom Sharkey(0-0-1), Ed Dunkhorst(2-0), Kid McCoy(0-2), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(0-1-1), George Gardner(0-1), Jeff Clark(0-2):

Best Fight of His Career: 1986 Joe Choynski 6-KO Win

Rating Analysis: From 1888 to 1897 Maher was one of the best heavyweights in the world. During that period he was one of the most active fighters in the world and only lost five fights. Two were to Fitzsimmons and one was to Peter Jackson. He was a top contender for the title during the period. His two losses to Fitzsimmons killed his chances of winning the championship. He is definitely a top ten fighter during this period.


Joe Chovnski  10. Joe Choynski  5’11”, 163

Record Total: 10-11-4    47%

Jim Corbett(0-1), Joe Goddard(1-2), Mick Dooley(1-0), George Godrey(1-0), Bob Fitzsimmons(0-1), Tom Sharkey(0-2-1), Joe McAuliffe(1-0), Peter Maher(1-1), Denver Ed Smith(1-0), Jim Jeffries(0-0-1), Gus Ruhlin(0-1), Ed Dunkhorst(1-0), Kid McCoy(0-2-1), Jim Hall(1-0), Steve O’Donnell(1-0), Jack Johnson(1-0), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(0-1), Marvin Hart(0-0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1897 Jim Jeffries 20-Draw

Rating Analysis: No fighter ever knocked out Jack Johnson and fought a draw against Jim Jeffries. That pretty much says it all about what kind of fighter Choynski was in his prime. It is hard to rank him any higher because of his losses to Sharkey, Maher, Ruhlin, McCoy and O’Brien.


Philadelphia Jack O'Brien  11. Philadelphia Jack O’Brien 5’10 ½”, 162                      (Top Contender 1906-07)

Record Total: 13-7-6     65%

Joe Choynski(2-0), Peter Maher(1-0-1), Marvin Hart(0-0-1), Jack “Twin” Sullivan (3-0-1), Mike Schreck(3-0), Kid McCoy(0-1), Bob Fitzsimmons(1-0-1), Tommy Burns(1-1-1), Al Kaufman(1-2), Stanley Ketchell(0-2), Jack Johnson(0-0-1), Fireman Jim Flynn(1-0), Sam Langford(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1905 Bob Fitzsimmons 13-KO Win Light Heavyweight Title

Rating Analysis: O’Brien was one of the top contenders during the period having won the light heavyweight title from Fitzsimmons. He almost won the heavyweight title from Burns in a 20 round draw. He was considered a better fighter than Burns but could not defeat the Canadian.

Gus Ruhlin  12. Gus Ruhlin 6’2”, 200

Record Total: 10-6-4      62%

Peter Maher(2-1-1), Steve O’Donnell(1-0), Jim Jeffries(0-1-1), Kid McCoy(0-1), Tom Sharkey(2-1), Ed Dunkhorst(1-0), Joe Goddard(2-0), Joe Choynski(1-0), Bob Fitzsimmons(0-1), Sandy Ferguson(1-0-1), Marvin Hart(0-1-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1897 Jim Jeffries 20-DRAW

Rating Analysis: Ruhlin has got to be rated fairly high because of his draw against Jeffries, two wins over Tom Sharkey and one over Choynski. That puts him in some pretty elevated air as far as rating the top heavyweights of the period. You have to place him ahead of Burns, Root and Hart because he fought against better opponents.

Kid McCoy  13. Kid McCoy 5’11 ½”, 173

Record Total: 10-2- 2     83%

Steve O’Donnell(2-0), Gus Ruhlin(1-0), Joe Goddard(1-0), Tom Sharkey(0-1), Joe Choynski(2-0-1), Peter Maher(1-0), Tommy Ryan(1-0), Jim Corbett(0-1)* Fake, Jack Root(0-1), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(0-0-1), Jack “Twin” Sullivan(1-0), Peter Maher(1-0):

Best Fight of His Career: 1899 Joe Choynski 20-D  Win

Rating Analysis: Wins over Ruhlin, Choynski and a draw against O’Brien put McCoy very high in the heavyweight rankings. His only two losses were to Sharkey and Root. He had a very impressive record.

Frank Paddy Slavin  14. Frank “Paddy” Slavin   6’1”, 185               

Record Total: 7-6-1    54%

Bill Farnan(1-0), Jack Burke(1-0-1), Mick Dooley(1-0), Joe McAuliffe(1-0), Jake Kilrain(2-0), Peter Jackson(0-1), Jim Hall(0-1), Bob Armstrong(0-2), Peter Maher(0-1), Steve O’Donnell(0-1), Tom Lees(1-0):

Best Fight of His Career: 1890 Joe McAuliffe 1-KO Win

Rating Analysis: Won the Police Gazette Heavyweight title with the victory over McAuliffe in 1890 while Sullivan was still viewed by most people as the true champion. Had a very impressive early record against the best fighters in Australia and the world. Slavin was another in a long line of great heavyweight fighters coming out of Australia.

 Jim Hall  15. Jim Hall 6’0 ½”, 167

Record Total: 5-4-3    55%

Mick Dooley (0-0-1), Bob Fitzsimmons(1-2), Tommy Ryan(1-0), Joe Choynski(1-2), Paddy Slavin(2-0), Peter Maher(0-0-1), Ed Dunkhorst(0-0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1890 Bob Fitzsimmons 4-KO Win

Rating Analysis: Hall defeated Bob Fitzsimmons, Joe Choynski, Paddy Slavin and Tommy Ryan. That tells you that he was one of the best of his day. He fought out of Australia and was really no bigger than a middleweight.

Joe Goddard  16. Joe Goddard  6’0”, 177

Record Total:  8-10-1   44%

Mick Dooley(2-0), Joe Choynski(1-1), Tom Lees(1-0), Joe McAuliffe(1-0), Peter Maher(2-1), Denver Ed Smith(1-1), Harry Laing(0-1),  Tom Sharkey(0-2), Jim Jeffries(0-1), Bob Armstrong(0-0-1), Gus Ruhlin (0-2), Kid McCoy(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1890 Peter Jackson 8-Draw

Rating Analysis: Goddard was probably the most active of the fighters during this period fighting the best in Australia and the United States. Early in his career he had some outstanding victories over Choynski, Dooley, Lees, McAuliffe and, Maher. He draw against Peter Jackson puts him in elite status.

Joe McAuliffe 17. Joe McAuliffe 6’3 ½”, 210

Record Total: 5-5-1    50%

Paddy Ryan(1-1), Peter Jackson(0-1), Tommy Lees(1-0), Pat Killen(1-0), Jack Fallon(1-0), Jim Daly(0-1), Patsy Cardiff(1-0), Joe Goddard(0-1), Peter Maher(0-0-1), Joe Choynski(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1888 Peter Jackson 24-KO Loss

Rating Analysis: In 1888 McAuliffe who fought out of San Francisco faced the legendary Peter Jackson for the Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title. He had Jackson down in the 10th round and McAuliffe was down in the 18th. Although he lost the fight he went 24 tough rounds with one of the best fighters in the world. McAuliffe was one of the bigger heavyweights of his day and in his prime had wins over Paddy Ryan, Tommy Lees, Pat Killen and Jack Fallon. He lost to Joe Choynski and Peter Maher when he was well past his prime.

Tommy Burms 18. Tommy Burns 5’7”, 175                      (Heavyweight Champion 1906-1908)

Record Total: 4-4-4     50%

Mike Schreck(0-1-1), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(1-1-1), Jack “Twin” Sullivan(0-1-1), Marvin Hart(1-0), Fireman Jim Flynn(1-0), Jack Johnson(0-1), Bill Lang(1-0), Arthur Pelkey(0-0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1906 Marvin Hart 20-D  Win

Rating Analysis: Burns really only had three quality wins during his career against top flight heavyweights. His wins over O’Brien, Hart and Flynn were impressive but his other fights were not against the best in the division. I can’t put Burns ahead of O’Brien because his career was not as impressive as the man from Philadelphia. Burns was the only heavyweight Champion from Canada.

Marvin Hart  19. Marvin Hart  5’11 ½”, 195           (Heavyweight Champion 1905-1906)

Record Total: 6-7-4        46%

Jack Root (1-1), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(0-0-1), George Gardner(0-1-1), Joe Choynski(0-0-1), Gus Ruhlin(1-0-1), Jack Johnson(1-0), Tommy Burns(0-1), Mike Schreck(0-3), Peter Maher(1-0), Jack “Twin” Sullivan(1-0), Tony Ross(1-0), Carl Morris(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1905 Jack Johnson 20-D   Win

Rating Analysis: Even though Hart lost to Tommy Burns for the title in 1906 I have to put him ahead of the Canadian because he held wins over Root, Ruhlin and Jack Johnson and had draws against Choynski and O’Brien. The body of his work as a heavyweight is more impressive than Burns. Hart was from Kentucky.


Fireman Jim Flynn  20. Fireman Jim Flynn   5’10”, 182

Record Total: 12-29-6  29%

George Gardner(1-0-1), Jack “Twin” Sullivan (1-0-2), Tommy Burns(0-1), Tony Ross(1-1), Jack Johnson(0-2), Bill Squires(1-0), Sam Langford(1-5), Billy Papke(1-0-1), Philadelphia Jack O”Brien(0-1), Al Kaufman(1-0), Carl Morris(1-3), Luther McCarty(0-2), Jim Coffey(0-2-1), Gunboat Smith(0-2), Battling Levinsky(0-3), Jack Dillon(0-4-1), Fred Fulton(0-1), Jack Dempsey(1-1), Billy Miske(1-0), Sully Montgomery(1-1), Tiger Flowers(1-0):

Best Fight of His Career: 1918 Jack Dempsey 1-KO Win

Rating Analysis: The Fireman fought them all during the first part of the 20th century and did pretty well with wins over Sam Langford, Jack Dempsey, Tiger Flowers and George Gardner. There are very few fighters during this period that Jim Flynn did not fight. As far as being active and the competition he faced he has to be rated high because most fighters drew the color line and were avoiding fighters.

Mike Schreck  21. Mike Schreck  5’8”

Record Total: 8-11-8    42%

Jack “Twin” Sullivan (0-3-1), Hugo Kelly(2-1-3), Tommy Burns(1-0-1), Philadelphia Jack O’Brien(0-3), George Gardner(1-0), Marvin Hart(3-0), Tony Ross(1-1-3), Al Kaufman(0-1), Sam Langford(0-1), Carl Morris(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1903 Tommy Burns 10-D Win

Rating Analysis: Schreck came out of Cincinnati and was a tough fighter with wins over two future Heavyweight Champions; Tommy Burns and Marvin Hart. He never received a shot at the title but faced the best of his day.


George Gardner  22. George Gardner 5’11 ½”, 171

Record Total: 9-9-4    50%

Kid Carter(4-0), Joe Walcott(1-1), Jack Root(2-2-1), Jack Johnson(0-1), Peter Maher(1-0), Marvin Hart(1-0-1), Bob Fitzsimmons(0-1), Fireman Jim Flynn(0-1-1), Mike Schreck(0-1), Al Kaufman(0-1), Tony Ross(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1903 Marvin Hart 12-D Win

Rating Analysis: Gardner was one of the top fighters in the early part of the 20th century. He was one of the top contenders for a time along with Jack Root, Marvin Hart, Bob Fitzsimmons and Jack Johnson.

 Jack Root 23. Jack Root  5’10”, 165

Record Total: 5-3-1    62%

George Gardner(2-2-1), Marvin Hart(1-1), Kid McCoy(1-0), Fireman Jim Flynn(1-0):

Best Fight of His Career: 1903 Kid McCoy 10-D Win

Rating Analysis: Root was mainly a light heavyweight but had a fine record against some of the best the division had to offer in the early part of the century. Wins over Gardner, Hart and McCoy were impressive and secure his place on the list of top fighters during the period.

Denver Ed Martin  24. Denver Ed Martin  6’6 ½”, 186

Record Total: 6-9    40%

Bob Armstrong(1-2), Hank Griffin(1-0), Frank Childs(2-0), Sandy Ferguson(1-0), Jack Johnson(0-2), Sam McVea(1-3), Tom Cowler(0-1), Harry Wills(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1904 Sam McVea 10-D Win

Rating Analysis: Martin was one of the top negro heavyweights in the early part of the 20th century and faced mainly African American fighters. He rarely crossed the color line. He was very successful and active.

Jake Kilrain  25. Jake Kilrain  5’10 ½”, 201

Record Total: 3-5-2   37%

George Godfrey(3-0), Charley Mitchell(0-0-1), Jack Burke(0-0-1), Jim Corbett(0-1), Frank Paddy Slavin(0-2), Steve O’Donnell(0-2-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1891 George Godfrey 44-KO Win

Rating Analysis: Kilrain was one of the best during this time. Most of his losses came late in his career after four years out of the ring and at the age of 36. His only losses in his prime were to Corbett and Slavin. Kilrain was from New York.

Charley Mitchell  26. Charley Mitchell   5’9”, 165

Record Total: 0-3-8    00%

Jack Burke(0-0-5), John L. Sullivan(0-1), Denver Ed Smith(0-0-1), Jake Kilrain(0-0-1), Dominick McCaffrey(0-1), Patsy Cardiff(0-0-1), Jim Corbett(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1884 Jake Kilrain 4-DRAW

Rating Analysis: He faced the first two heavyweight champions for the title in Sullivan and Corbett and lost to both in 1883 and 1894. The only other fighter to defeat Mitchell was McCaffrey. Mitchell was from England.

Patsy Cardiff  27. Patsy Cardiff     5’10 ½”, 185

Record Total: 0-4-3   00%

Charley Mitchell(0-0-1), Pat Killen(0-1-1), John L. Sullivan(0-0-1), Peter Jackson(0-1), George Godfrey(0-1), Joe McAuliffe(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1887 John L. Sullivan 6-DRAW (Sullivan broke his arm)

Rating Analysis: Not many fighters could lay claim to facing Peter Jackson, John L. Sullivan and Charley Mitchell and losing one fight. Those were the three most dominating fighters during the 1880s and Cardiff faced them all. Cardiff was from Canada and fought out of Minnesota.

Tommy Lees

                                28. Tommy Lees    5’11 ½”, 177

Record Total: 3-5-3    38%

Peter Jackson(0-2), Bill Farnan(2-0-2), Mick Dooley(1-0), Joe McAuliffe(0-1), Joe Goddard(0-1-1), Frank “Paddy” Slavin(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1885 Bill Farnan 12-KO Win

Rating Analysis: One of the best fighters in Australia at a time when both Peter Jackson and Frank “Paddy” Slavin were emerging as the world’s top contenders for the Heavyweight title.

Bill Farnan  29. Bill Farnan 5’9”

Record Total: 1-2-3    33%

Peter Jackson 4-TKO w, Tommy Lees(0-2-2), Paddy Slavin 4-KO L:

Best Fight Of His Career: 1887 Pater Jackson 4-TKO Win

Rating Analysis: Any fighter that defeated Peter Jackson in his prime has to be great. Farnan was the only fighter to defeat Jackson before his decline. He fought out of Australia and was the Champion of Australia.

Dominick McCaffrey  30. Dominick McCaffrey  5’9”, 168

Record Total: 2-4    33%

Charley Mitchell(1-0), John L. Sullivan(0-1), Jack Fallon(1-1), N. Jack Dempsey(0-1), James J. Corbett(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1884 Charley Mitchell 4-D Win

Rating Analysis: McCaffrey made his name defeated Charley Mitchell who was considered to be one of the best fighters in the world at the time. He was one of the few fighters that ever faced John L and James Corbett. He was one of the best of his time. McCaffrey was from Pittsburgh.



Steve O'Donnell 31. Steve O’Donnell 6’0 ½”, 185

Record Total: 3-10-2     23%

Mick Dooley(0-0-1), Peter Jackson(0-1), Jake Kilrain(2-0-1), Peter Maher(0-3), Paddy Slavin(1-2), Gus Ruhlin(0-1), Kid McCoy(0-1), Joe Choynski(0-1), Jack “Twin” Sullivan(0-1):

Best Fight of His Career: 1896 Paddy Slavin 5-KO Win

Rating Analysis: Fighting in Australia most of his career he faced the best fighters in the world. He was very competitive and was an outstanding heavyweight during the period.


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