Heavyweight Greatests - Final Rankings 2005-2018

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1. Anthony Joshua 6'6" 245           United Kingdom     (#1 Contender 2017)

Wins: Dillian Whyte KO, Charles Martin KO, Dominic Breazeale KO, Eric Molina KO, Wladimir Klitschko KO, Carlos Tatum KO:
Losses: Undefeated
Best Fight of His Career: Wladimir Klitschko KO
Rating Analysis: Joshua is the future of the division and Gold Medal winner in 2012. His victory over Klitschko placed him in elite status.

2. Deontay Wilder 6’7”, 229                        Tuscaloosa, Alabama(#2 Contender 2015, 2016)

Wins: Audley Harrison 1-KO, Siarhei Liakhovich 1-KO, Malik Scott 1-KO, Bermane Stiverne 12-D, Eric Molina KO (23-2), Johann Duhaupas KO (32-2), Chris Arreola KO (36-4-1), Bermane Stiverne 1-KO (25-2-1), Luis Ortiz 10-KO (28-0):
Losses: Undefeated
Best Fight of His Career: Luis Ortiz 10-KO 2018
Rating Analysis: This is the most exciting prospect since Mike Tyson. He is a beast with talent. Great future and the future of the heavyweight division, his victory over Stiverne put him in the driver’s seat. He is right in the middle of the heavyweight picture. Big time victories over Stiverne and Ortiz had made him very popular.


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3. Joseph Parker 6’4”                               New Zealand (#3 Contender 2018)
Wins: Carlos Tatum 12-D, Alexander Dimitrenko 3-KO, Andy Ruiz 12-D, Hughie Fury 12-D:
Losses: Undefeated
Best Fight of His Career: Hughie Fury 12-D
Rating Analysis: Tremendous fighter with a great future. The Joshua fight will answer a lot of questions.


4. Tyson Fury  6’9”, 255       Great Britain   
   Heavyweight Champion 2015-2018)

Wins: Dereck Chisora 12-D, Steve Cunningham 7-KO, Dereck Chisora 12-D, Wladimir Klitschko 12-D:
Losses: undefeated
Best Fight of His Career: 2015 Wladimir Klitschko 12-D
Rating Analysis: One of the best young fighters to come out of England in years and years; Pulled off one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight history defeating Wladimir. Fury turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments is the divisions history. Good riddance



5.  David Haye   6’3” 210    Great Britain      (#2 Contender 2010, 2011)

Wins: Jean Marc Mormeck 7-TKO, Enzo Maccarinelli 2-TKO, Monte Barrett 5-TKO, Nikolay Valuev 12-D, John Ruiz 9-TKO, Audley Harrison 3-TKO, Dereck Chisora 5-KO:
Losses: Wladimir Klitschko 12-D, Carl Thompson 5-TKO, Tony Bellew TKO(28-2-1):
Best Fight of His Career: 2010 John Ruiz 9-TKO win
Rating Analysis: One of the biggest disappointments in the history of the division; He will go down in boxing history and a gutless loud mouth; He is typical of the young heavyweights fighting today with no courage. He had a great deal of talent, but will never be held in high regard. He has recently come out of retirement.


6. Tomasz Adamek  6’1 ½”, 215     Poland   (#2 Contender 2011)

Wins: Steve Cunningham 12-D, Andrew Golota 5-TKO,  Jason Estrada 12-D, Chris Arreola 12-D, Michael Grant 12-D, Eddie Chambers 12-DTravis Walker 5-KO, Steve Cunningham 12-D (Close Decision):
Losses: Chad Dawson 12-D, Vitali Klitsckho 10-KO, Vyacheslav Glazkov 12-D: Artur Szpilka 10-D
Best Fight of His Career: 2010 Chris Arreola 12-D win
Rating Analysis: A very skilled fighter who came up from the lighter division; One of the best boxers around, very active and fun to watch; He takes a good punch and although he could not challenge Vitali, he did give a good showing of himself in the fight. At 39 years of age, he has seen is best days.




7. Alexander Povetkin  6’2”, 231   Russia                         (#1 Contender 2014)
Wins: Larry Donald 10-D, Chris Byrd 11-TKO, Eddie Chambers 12-D, Jason Estrada 10-D, Ruslan Chagaev 12-D, Marco Huck 12-D(Disputed), Hasim Rahman 2-KO(Well past his prime), Carlos Takam 10-KO: Mi9ke Perez 1-KO, Mariusz Wach 2-KO
Losses: Wladimir Klitschko 12-D:
Best Fight of His Career: 2011 Ruslan Chagaev 2-D win
Rating Analysis: Tough fighter who won the Gold Medal in the heavyweight division during the Olympics of 2004; His two wins over Chambers and Chagaev put him in the top levels of the heavyweight rankings. Klitschko totally dismantled him in their fight. Povetkin is still one of the otp heavyweights around and in the rnning to face one of the new alphbet champions.




8.  Eddie Chambers   6’1”, 208    Philadelphia        (#3 Contender 2009, 2010)

Wins: Ross Puritty 10-D, Dominick Guinn 10-D, Calvin Brock 12-D, Samuel Peter 10-D, Alexander Dimitrenko 12-D:

Losses: Alexander Povetkin 12-D, Wladimir Klitschko 12-KO, Tomasz Adamek 12-D:

Best Fight of His Career:  2009 Samuel Peter 10-D win

Rating Analysis: Eddie has some of the fastest hands in the division and brings back memories of some of the greats of the past. A small heavyweight who has to face all the giants in the division today; His biggest problem is he is sometimes inactive and loses rounds by being passive. Moved down to the cruiserweight division to win a title and his career has been in total decline. I now back in the heavyweight division and under new management winning six straight fights.



9. Luis Ortiz 6'4", 239            Cuba                   (#4 Contender 2016)

Wins: Bryant Jennings 7-KO (19-1), Tony Thompson KO (40-6), Malik Scott D (38-2-1):
Losses: Deontay Wilder 10-KO (39-0):
Best Fight of His Career: Bryant Jennings 7-KO:
Rating Analysis: Big win over Jennings made him a contender, big strong heavyweight. Outstanding boxer with a nice chin.


10. Bryant Jennings 6’2”, 215   Philadelphia, Pa.        (#5 Contender 2014)

Wins: Siarhei Liakhovich 9-KO, Mike Perez 12-D:
Losses: Wladimir Klitschko 12-D Loss, Luis Ortiz 7-KO Loss:
Best Fight of His Career: Mike Perez 12-D win
Rating Analysis: Excellent heavyweight who stays active; The losses to Klitschko and Ortiz have been set backs but not career ending fights. He should still be a contender he’s only 32. 


11. Kubrat Pulev 6’4 ½”, 245     Bulgaria       
(#1 Contender 2014)
Wins: Alexander Dimitrenko 11-KO, Travis Walker 12-D, Alexander Ustinov 11-KO, Tony Thompson 12-D:
Losses: Wladimir Klitschko 5-KO L
Best Fight of His Career: Alexander Dimitrenko 11-KO
Rating Analysis: Has emerged onto the seen in 2012 with some strong showings. The Dimitrenko fight put him on the boxing landscape. Has really put together some strong fights and shown some real talent. His showing against Klitschko showed little and he will have to regroup to recover his ranking.



12. Tony Thompson 6’5”, 244    Washington DC     (#9 Contender 2008, 2013)

Wins: Dominick Guinn 12-D, Timur Ibragimov 10-D, Luan Krasniqi 5-TKO, Chazz Witherspoon 9-TKO, Owen Beck 4-TKO: David Price 2-KO, David Price 5-KO, Odlanier Solis 12-D:
Losses: Wladimir Klitschko 11-KO, Wladimir Klitschko 6-TKO, Kubrat Pulev 12-D, Carlos Takam 12-D, Malik Scott 10-D Loss, Luis Ortiz KO (24-0):
Best Fight of His Career: 2008 Wladimir Klitschko 11-TKO Loss
Rating Analysis: At the age of 44 looks to be a contender once again after his two big wins over Price. A great trial horse late in his career.  How long can Thompson fight. Has gained about 20 more pounds in his most recent fights. Looks like his days are numbers after the loss toe Ortiz.



13. Ruslan Chagaev  5’11”, 231    Uzbekistan     (#2 Contender 2009)

Wins: John Ruiz 12-D, Nikolay Valuev 12-D, Matt Shelton 12-D, Carl Davis Drumond 6-D, Kali Meehan 12-D,: Francesco Pianeta 1-KO, Fres Oquendo 12-D

Losses: Alexander Povetkin 12-D, Wladimir Klitschko 9-TKO: Lucas Brown KO (23-0)

Best Fight of His Career: 2007 Nikolay Valuev 12-D win

Rating Analysis: He was the first fighter to defeat Valuev and capture one of the many belts given away in the heavyweight division.  He is a tough hardnosed fighter, but he is limited.



14. Nicolay Valuev  7’0”, 316   Russia        (#4 Contender  2007, 2008, 2009)

Wins: Attila Levin 3-KO, Larry Donald 12-D, John Ruiz 12-D, Owen Beck 3-TKO, Monte Barrett 11-TKO, Jameel McCline 3-TKO, Siarhei Liakhovich 12-D, John Ruiz 12-D, Evander Holyfield 12-D:

Losses: Ruslan  Chagaev 12-D, David Haye 12-D:

Best Fight of His Career: 2005 John Ruiz 12-D win

Rating Analysis: Valuev is a very dull, boring heavyweight that has killed the division with holding and enormous size. Having said that he was a very hard fighter to hit and defeat. One of the great nice guys of boxing; Has not been in the ring since his loss to David Haye in 2009.


15. Samuel Peter    6’2”, 243          Nigeria    (#2 Contender  2007,2008)
Wins: Jeremy Williams 2-KO, James Toney 12-D, James Toney 12-D, Jameel McCline 12-D, Oleg Maskaev 6-TKO:
Losses: Wladimir Klitschko 12-D, Vitali Klitschkko 8-TKO, Eddie Chambers  10-D, Wladimir Klitschko 10-KO, Robert Helnius 9-KO: , Kubrat Pulev D (23-1):
Best Fight of  His Career: 2006 James Toney 12-D win

Rating Analysis: Peter burst onto the scene out of Africa and was one of the best young fighters to come along in years but has proven to be short of boxing skills and unable to take a heavy punch. At this time he is nothing more than a trial horse.


16. Robert Helenius   6’6 ½”, 243      Finland      (#6 Contender 2012)

Wins: Lamon Brewster 8-TKO, Attila Levin 2-KO, Samuel Peter 9-KO, Siarhei Liakhovich 9-TKO, Dereck Chisora 12-D (Disputed), Michael Sprott 10-D:

Losses: undefeated

Best Fight of His Career: 2011 Siarhei Liakhovich 9-TKO win

Rating Analysis: Helenius has been the most exciting fighter to come along in a long time. Unlike the Klitsckho’s who dominate the division, Helenius hits with sharp combinations and knockout power. Has been disappointing recently and must fight somebody to maintain his position. He has been having a lot of problems with his manager and his contract that is one of the major reasons he is not fighting. Returned to the ring finally in 2015.



17. Chris Arreola  6’4”, 234       Los Angeles     (#7 Contender 2009)

Wins: Chazz Witherspoon 3-TKO, Jameel McCline 4-KO, Seth Mitchell 1-KO:
Losses: Vitali Klitschko 10-D, Tomasz Adamek 12-D, Bermane Stiverne 12-D, Bermane Stiverne 6-KO, Deontay Wilder KO (37-0):
Draw: Fred Kassi 10-Draw:
Best Fight of His Career: 2008 Chazz Witherspoon 3-TKO win
Rating Analysis: Arreola really looked like he would be one of the dominate fighters in the heavyweight division for years to come but he failed to keep himself in good condition.  Tough fighter with tremendous power and can through combinations. Looks as if he will become a trial horse for young and upcoming fighters; Conditioning continues to be horrible.



18. Bermane Stiverne 6’2”, 243         Haiti/Canada        
(#3 Contender 2014)

Wins: Ray Austin 10-TKO, Chris Arreola 12-D, Chris Arreola 6-KO:
Losses: Demetrice King 4-KO, Deontay Wilder 12-D L, Deontay Wilder 1-KO (39-0):
Best Fight of His Career: 2013 Chris Arreola 6-KO win
Rating Analysis: Powerful heavyweight who is 33 but is still a new force in the heavyweight division; He has a great deal of power. His victory over Arreola put him into the top ten in the world by Ring Magazine. He showed great determination and a great chin in his loss to Wilder.


19. Vyacheslav Glazkov 6’3”          Ukraine                (#5 Contender 2014)
Wins: Tomasz Adamek 12-D:
Losses: Charles Martin 3-KO
Draws: Malik Scott 10-Dr.
Best Fight of His Career: Tomasz Adamek 12-D win
Rating Analysis: Very strong amateur career and a fine boxer and conditioned fighter. Has shown great skill, but fell and broke his ankle in his loss to Martin. Has not been active since his loss.


20. Mike Perez 6’1”        Cuba                (#8 Contender 2014)
Losses: Bryant Jennings 12-D, Alexander Povetkin 1-KO Loss, Mairis Briedis D (22-0):
Draw: Carlos Takam 10-Draw:
Best Fight of His Career: Bryant Jennings 12-D Loss, very close fight
Rating Analysis: Great young prospect: The loss to Jennings was highly disputed. His 1st round knockout loss to Povetkin has put his career on hold.


21. Alexander Dimitrenko  6’7”, 252    Ukraine               (#7 Contender 2011)

Wins: Vaughan Bean 10-D, Derric Rossy 5-TKO, Luan Krasniqi 3-KO, Michael Sprott 12-D:

Losses: Eddie Chambers 12-D, Kubrat Pulev 11-KO: Joseph Parker KO (20-0):
Best Fight of His Career: Michael Sprott 12-D
Rating Analysis: Big strong heavyweight;


22. Danny Williams  6’3”, 265           Great Britain

Wins: Kali Meehan 1-KO, Michael Sprott 7-TKO, Michael Sprott 5-TKO, Mike Tyson 4-KO, Matt Skelton 12-D:

Losses: Sinan Samil Sam 6-TKO, Michael Sprott 12-D, Vitali Klitschhko 12-D, Matt Skelton 12-D, Audley Harrison 3-KO, Albert Sosnowski 8-TKO, Dereck Chisora 2-TKO, Manuel Charr 7-TKO:

Best Fight of His Career: 2004 Mike Tyson 4-KO win

Rating Analysis: Williams took a very good punch as he proved in the Tyson fight and had some good wins but never was an elite fighter.


23. Sultan Ibragimov 6’2”, 219
           Russia      (#5 Contender 2008)

Wins: Lance Whitaker 7-TKO, Shannon Briggs 12-D, Evander Holyfield 12-D (2007):

Losses: Wladimir Klitschko 12-D:

Draw: Ray Austin 12-Draw

Best Fight of His Career: 2008 Wladimir Klitschko 12-D Loss

Rating Analysis: Ibragimov left the ring after his 2008 heavyweight title fight against Wladimir. He was another one of the many fighters out of the former eastern bloc.



24. Dereck Chisora 6’1 ½”, 247               Zimbabwe/London

Wins: Danny Williams 2-TKO, Sam Sexton 9-TKO:

Losses: Tyson Fury 12-D, Robert Helenius 12- split D, Vitali Klitschko 12-D, David Haye 5-KO: Tyson Fury 12-D

Best Fight of His Career: Robert Helenius 12- Split Decision Loss

Rating Analysis: Has been by far the most active fighter in the division over the last year. He does not avoid competition which is really a throw back. Five straight winds since loss to Fury.




25. Steve Cunningham 6’3”, 203            Philadelphia, Pa.     
Wins: Kelvin Davis, Krzysztof Wlodarczky, Marco Huck, Wayne Braithwaite:
Losses: Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, Tomasz Adamek(2) Split Decision, Yoan Pablo Hernandez(2), Tyson Fury 7-KO:
Draws: Antonio Tarver 12-Draw:
Best Fight of His Career: Tomasz Adamek 12-D Loss, Split Decision
Rating Analysis: Cunningham at the age of 39 made a run at the heavyweight division and came real close to knocking off one of the top heavyweights in the world, Tomasz Adamek, his former rival in the cruiserweight division. His days as a contender seem limited.




26. Dillian Whyte 6’4”           Jamaica     (#7 Contender 2018)
Wins: Brian Minto 3-KO, Dereck Chisora 12-SD, Robert Helenius 12-D:
Losses: Anthony Joshua 7-KO:
Best Fight of His Career: Robert Helenius 12-D
Rating Analysis: Still a young unchallenged fighter.




27. Denis Boytsov 6’1”, 218         Russia     (#7 Contender 2012)

Wins: Dominick Guinn 10-D:

Losses: Alex Leapai 10-D

Best Fight of His Career:

Rating Analysis: Has really never faced a quality heavyweight but he does have 31 straight victories. Has won three straight fights and could still emerge as a contender again.



8. Odlanier Solis 6’1 ½” , 24         Cuba             

Wins: Monte Barrett 2-TKO, Ray Austin 10-Dis:

Losses: Vitali Klitschko 1-KO: TOny Thompson 12-D, Tony Thompson 8-KO loss

Best Fight of His Career:

Rating Analysis: Leg injury led to his quick loss to Vitali. Was at 271 his last fight, could be a career ending weight for this big guy.


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29. Jarrell Miller 6’4” 298        Brooklyn, N.Y.                      (#9 Contender 2018)
Wins: Mariusz Wach 9-KO:
Losses: Undefeated
Best Fight of His Career:
Rating Analysis- Great young fighter with a lot of potential.


30. Siarhei Liakhovich 6’4”, 238        Belarus   (#7 Contender 2006, 2007)

Wins: Dominick  Guinn 10-D, Lamon Brewster 12-D:

Losses: Maurice Harris 9-KO, Shannon Briggs 12-TKO, Nikolay Valuev 12-D, Robert Helenius 9-TKO, Bryant Jennings 9-TKO, Deontay Wilder 1-KO, Andy Ruiz Jr. 10-D:
Best Fight of His Career: 2006 Lamon Brewster 12-D Win
Rating Analysis: Tough fighter who moved to the U.S. to fight from Belarus and had a short but nice career by today’s standards; He lost four out of his last five fights and looks to be done as a contender.




 31. Seth Mitchell 6’2”, 241          Brandywine, Maryland

Wins: Timur Ibragimov 2-TKO, Chazz Witherspoon 3-TKO, Jonathan Banks 12-D:
Losses: Jonathan Banks 2-KO, Chris Arreolo 1-KO

Best Fight of His Career: Jonathan Banks 12-D win

Rating Analysis: Great young prospect who was sidetracked by Jonathan Banks. The former football player has shown great heart. His ability to take a punch has definitely been questioned. Looks like his career is over with the knockout loss to Arreolo.



 32. Jonathan Banks 6’3”, 218                     Detroit
Wins: Travis Walker 6-KO, Seth Mitchell 2-KO:
Losses: Tomasz Adamek 8-KO, Seth Mitchell 12-D:
Rating Analysis: Banks knockout of highly regarded prospect Seth Mitchell catapulted him into top levels of the heavyweight division. His loss to Mitchell sure did not do anything for his future in the heavyweight division. It will be interesting to see how Wladimir Klitschko’s new trainer will handle his own career.



33. Juan Carlos Gomez 6’3 ½”, 230                       Cuba                                     

Wins: Alfred Cole 6-TKO, Sinan Samil Sam 10-D, Oliver McCall 10-D(Gomez failed drug test), Oliver McCall 12-D, Vladimir Virchis 12-D:

Losses: Yanqui Diaz 1-TKO, Vitali Klitschko 9-TKO, Darnell Wilson 10-D:

Best Fight of His  Career: 2009 Vitali Klitschko 9-TKO Loss

Rating Analysis: Very active throughout his career some good wins.


34. Vladimir Virchis 6’4 ½”, 242   Ukraine          (#7 Contender 2007)
Wins: Michael Sprott 12-D:
Losses: Ruslan Chagaev 12-D, Juan Carlos Gomez 12-D:
Best Fight of His Career: 2006 Rusland Chagaev 12-D Loss
Rating Analysis: Close loss to Chagaev put him into the rankings of which he did little after that.



30. David Price 6’8” 245                   Great Britain     
Wins: John McDermott 1-KO, Sam Sexton 4-KO, Audley Harrison 1-KO:
Losses: Tony Thompson 2-KO, Tony Thompson 5-KO, Erkan Teper 2-KO Loss {Failed Drug Test called NC}, Christian Hammer 7-KO:
Best Fight of His Career: Audley Harrison 1-KO win
Rating Analysis: Stock has really dropped after the two losses to Thompson. Price just continues to get knocked out.



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